8647 Apartments for rent in Nevada (NV)

Ah, the Silver State! Born in the battles of American Civil War, built on the most liberal laws in the nation, Nevada is the quintessence of American tourism and the spirit of running away from things. Nevada is mostly a desolated desert (funny how its name in Spanish means ‘snowy’). Almost three-quarters of the state’s population gather in Las Vegas/Henderson/Paradise metropolitan area, and there is a good reason for that: legal gambling and lenient marriage laws turn it into a paradise for taking your mind off everyday troubles. Business in Nevada is built on three whales: gambling-related tourism (largest employers of the state are all casinos and lush hotels), gold mining (that’s still a big thing, can you believe it?), and, traditionally, cattle ranching. Universities are home-grown and small (compared to other national giants) except for the University of Nevada located in two large metro areas of Las Vegas and Reno.