359 Apartments for rent in West Virginia (WV)

When in the Mountain State, you never know if you’re in the Upland South, Southeastern, or even Mid-Atlantic America. What you know for sure is that you’re in Appalachia – the hills and mountain ranges are in every direction, miles of them! If you’re up to outdoor activities, West Virginia is the place. Name one, and you’ll have everything set for you in this state: hiking and skiing, mountain climbing and rafting, fishing and hunting, not to mention the superb caving in the vast karst lands of the Appalachian Mountains. For more urban experiences, the largest cities of Charleston and Huntington are the political, historical, and cultural centers of the state. Wal-Mart, Amazon, McDonald’s, and Teletech are the biggest employers, so you won’t be left unemployed, even though the average incomes here might be lower than in other states. West Virginia University and West Virginia State University rival for the title of the most prestigious educational facility in the state.