816 Apartments for rent in Wyoming (WY)

What can one say about Wyoming? It has four corners, little people, and a lot of stunning views to boast. Politics has always been an important part of life in the Equality State: it’s a habitually conservative state since over half a century ago. It’s also the least populated state in the US. The biggest city is Cheyenne, the state’s capital, which is closely followed by Casper. The rest of the territory is just mountains and rangelands on the west and the High Plains on the east. Dry and windy, continental arid – the extreme temperature changes in Wyoming are not exactly comfortable. On the upper hand, Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks make it for the natural tourism in the Cowboy State. You should see the photos people take here! Wyoming isn’t that big in business. Mining and tourism and agriculture are its majors, while Fund & Grow and Mammoth Networks are the biggest companies. The University of Wyoming and Wyoming Catholic College are the best choices to get educated in the state.