980 Apartments for rent in Nebraska (NE)

Upper Midwest counts in three of the nation’s happiest states. Wonder what’s going on there? Come to the Cornhusker State, locals probably know. Nebraska loves to name its cities in a weird manner: there’re Prague, Cairo, and Friend. There’s also something weird going on with ‘world’s largest’ in Nebraska, especially when it comes to food: sandwiches, burgers, kolaches, you name it. But if you think that’s it, how about this: the University of Nebraska Museum in Lincoln displays the world’s largest mammoth fossil. Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha has several unique ‘world’s largest’ exhibits including the indoor rainforest, indoor desert, and indoor swamp. Well, that’s a way to set records! Looking for a job? Nebraska offers you one of its Fab Five: Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific, Mutual of Omaha, ConAgra Foods, and Peter Kiewit Sons’. Looking for an education? The University of Nebraska has two great schools in the biggest cities. Don’t worry, be happy!