6972 Apartments for rent in Washington (WA)

Not to be confused with Washington, DC, the Evergreen State is that part of American soil on the far northwest of the continent. It’s home to over 7 million people, 60% of which are settled in Seattle metro area. The geography of State of Washington is impressively diverse: fjords, glacier-carved bays, and islands along the shore of the Pacific Ocean, mountains and temperate rainforests in the west through to far southeast, intensively cultivated land in the eastern and southern regions. Mount Rainier is one of the prominent attractions: when sunny, you can see the top of this active stratovolcano from Portland, Oregon. Washington State is the leading producer of lumber, apples, sweet cherries and raspberries, not to mention the state’s contribution in national output of livestock and fishing. Some of the biggest employers gathered in the region, from Boeing and Microsoft to Nordstrom and Starbucks. Two big universities, University of Washington and Washington State University, and a number of smaller school serve the region.