4844 Apartments for rent in Connecticut (CT)

Wealthy, flourishing, idyllic - pure American Dream. Get prepared to singing Yankee Doodle – you’re in the Constitution State! Indulge in a literary quest and remember your childhood friends Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in Hartford. Visit the first Subway restaurant and find the birthplace of Frisbee in Bridgeport. Explore unrivaled art collection at Yale and go see the rare Gutenberg Bible in New Haven. Appreciate the American Le Mans at Lime Rock. Choose any place in Connecticut; we dare you to find one that has nothing to surprise you! One of the smallest, yet one most densely populated in the US, Connecticut is also extremely affluent. People here know nothing of financial problems with the highest per-capita and household indexes in the nation. If you are a pragmatic person, the Land of Steady Habits is undoubtedly your primary choice. 19 companies from Fortune 500, including General Electric, United Technologies, Aetna, Cigna, and Xerox, have chosen Connecticut as their home state. But know what’s even better in Connecticut? Education! After all, Yale University is here!