Best European Startup Hubs with Affordable Housing

For a long time, Silicon Valley was considered a golden standard of innovation hubs with diverse venture investments and vibrant tech ecosystem. Valley built up its reputation with countless start-ups, big corporate headquarters, innovation centers, and billions of dollars of investments. Nevertheless, the decentralized nature of the modern digital world cannot keep innovation to one location.  European Startup Ecosystem  In the recent decade, European countries…

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Best German Cities for Software Developers

According to the recently published report by the World Economic Forum, the European start-up scene is outgrowing the tech ecosystem of Asia and Silicon Valley. European venture entrepreneurs see enormous potential for growth, with diverse funding opportunities and strong tech talent.  According to the report by Stack Overflow, there are 4.7M professional developers in Europe today, versus 4.1M in the US.  Image: Stack Overflow Primary…

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Duplex in Texas

If you want to rent a home without putting a strain on your budget, renting a duplex can be a savvy decision. Duplex grants you more privacy and independence in comparison to congested apartment buildings with noisy neighbors. It provides a cozier home-like feel with your own entrance, outdoor space, and possibly a garden. Duplexes are a bit more pricey than the apartments but much…

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Price to Rent Ratio Explained: National Report 2019

Are you at a crossroad in life deciding whether you should buy a home or keep renting? Are you wondering what objective factors to use in order to make the most financially sound decision? Ponder no more, the answer is here.

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