Rent Increases Halted in Los Angeles for Most Tenants

The city of Angels, the city of stars, the city of Los Angeles, California, is a hotspot for creative people, cultural development, and the American culture of the American Dream. As alluring as it may sound, not everything here is fun and easy, as the hustling culture, the grind, and the sweat are necessary for success. But a few things keep people motivated, and rent…

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Finding an Affordable Rental in a Large City

As anyone who’s ever rented a property within a hundred miles of a major city such as New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago knows, apartments in the big city do not come cheap. Whether you’re a single young professional looking for an inexpensive base of operations to call your own while you make your way up the corporate ladder or a blue-collar worker just trying…

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Rentberry’s Picks: European Startup Hubs with Affordable Housing

For a long time, Silicon Valley was considered a golden standard of innovation hubs with diverse venture investments and a vibrant tech ecosystem. Valley built its reputation with countless startups, big corporate headquarters, innovation centers, and billions of investments. Nevertheless, the decentralized nature of the modern digital world cannot keep innovation in one location.  European Startup Ecosystem  In the recent decade, European countries have created…

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