How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Duplex in the US (November 2019)

There is a chance that you’ve already stumbled upon numerous duplexes listings while apartment hunting. We reviewed our latest rent price statistics, and we can confirm that this is an idea worth considering.

For those who do not understand what we’re talking about, it’s time to learn what is duplex and why the market of US rentals is full of them. Who rents them and what are the benefits?

So, what is duplex?

Even though the ‘duplex’ definition varies from city to city, the overall idea is simple: these are two dwelling units that have separate entrances, a common wall, and one owner or landlord.

When someone decides to rent out a duplex, they have to choose whether they want to deal with two different tenants/families or rent them both out to one family. We’d like to note that usually landlords rent out these two units to different families and sign two separate agreements.

Duplex available for rent

Expert tip: When you find the duplex for rent, there is no need to run around the city with the lease agreement and sign it physically. More and more tenants and landlords eSign rental agreements on Rentberry and skip this time-consuming procedure.

Renters prefer duplexes for different reasons, but they all agree on one key point: renting a duplex unit is like renting a whole house, but a cheaper. Some of the duplexes can offer you the single-family house experience.

While duplexes for rent in New York usually look like one tall apartment that has a few floors connected by the indoor staircase. It looks impressive and can be considered as the most expensive properties in the city, some of them are even considered penthouses by NY residents.

However, the majority of the US cities have the same duplex definition, and today we’d like to tell you what the average duplex rent prices in the United States. We performed deep research and analyzed the numbers to give you a perfect understanding of the duplex rental market situation in our country.

San Antonio, TX

Avg duplex rent cost in San Antonio: $1,031
Difference vs previous month: -0.8%

When we say that Duplex can offer you the apartment or house-like rental experience with a more affordable price tag, we mean it.

duplex for rent in san antonio

Looking at the numbers in the first city, you can notice that landlords offer you to rent a duplex in San Antonio for around $1,031, while apartments are in general around $100 more expensive and the houses are about $700 more expensive.

For most renters, this is a significant difference that you can avoid paying if you decide to go with the duplex.

More than the half of San Antonio residents prefer to rent a place – it’s 54% against the 46% of the local homeowners.

New Braunfels, TX

Avg duplex rent cost in New Braunfels: $1,351
Difference vs previous month: +1.7%

The market in this city is heating up compared to the last year. Today you can rent a duplex in New Braunfels for $1,351 and according to our internal statistics, this region witnesses the 1.7% rise in the average rent price. Comparing to the rental prices for condos, for example, getting yourself a nice duplex is the best way to save a lot of money.

duplex for rent in new braunfels

The rent prices for condo rentals gone up by 14.4% for the last month. Since more than 65% of the local residents are tenants, duplexes will face a higher demand due to the affordability of this option.

Fort Worth, TX

Avg duplex rent cost in Fort Worth: $1,426
Difference vs previous month: +3.5%

Fort Worth is a place where you can move in search of more affordable rentals. The whole market here is having a good momentum and the prices are going down. Even the prices for houses and studio rentals are going a bit down, but the duplex rent prices are doing even better.

duplex for rent in fort worth

Today you can come there and rent a duplex in Fort Worth for $1,426. Considering the fact that renting is still more popular than owning here, the market is good still good enough to enter and find yourself a place.

Atlanta, GA

Avg duplex rent cost in Atlanta: $1,659
Difference vs previous month: -16.4%

Atlanta is gaining more and more popularity these days due to the fact that startups tend to move their development there. According to the latest statistics, Atlanta is among the best places for the developers and entrepreneurs, the business climate here is amazing.