Finding a Duplex or Triplex for Rent: Potential Tenants Tips

Duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes are becoming quite popular these days among tenants who seek to get more privacy, outdoor space and live with fewer neighbors nearby.

‘Do you have duplexes for rent?’ – this is the most popular request our Customer Service Department receives on a daily basis. We’ve prepared an extensive guide to help you learn everything you need to know before you apply for a duplex, triplex or fourplex property.

What Exactly Is a Duplex/Triplex/Fourplex?

Duplex is a building that includes two separate rentals. When we talk about Triplex and Fourplex, it means that the houses have 3 and 4 dwellings respectively. Typically landlords tend to invest in this type of properties cause it gives them the ability to live in one of the rentals and rent out the others. This is a great way to have a home and a decent income at the same time.

That’s the reason why there always will be duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes available for rent.

Determine Whether You’re Aware of Duplex Specific Features

Every type of rental has its own flaws and benefits. When we talk about Duplex, you should keep in mind that you’ll deal with a landlord directly and, in some cases, live with your landlord under one hood. This is quite a test for those who are not being huge fans of seeing the landlord on a daily basis. Even though it may sound controversial, it’s not that bad. We highlighted the key pros and cons of duplexes so that you would understand the specifics of these rentals.

Pros of Renting a Duplex:

More privacy

  • More Privacy

When you move into a duplex, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with a big number of neighbors. This is an excellent option for those who prefer a small community with a suburban vibe.

You’ll have fewer interactions and small talks, you won’t have to learn everyone’s name on the building and you won’t feel a small fish in a huge ocean.

Since you’re just sharing a wall with the neighbor’s apartment, you may feel like you have a separate home. How great is that?

  • More Outdoor Space

Usually, duplexes come with an adjacent territory. Having more outdoor space may be a crucial factor for those who consider having a baby soon and just for those who enjoy having a yard by the house.

  • Less Sharing

When you rent a duplex, you don’t have to share amenities like parking space, laundry machine, etc. Usually, this type of property comes with separate laundry rooms, parking spots and other amenities that people in regular apartments have to share with a dozen people.

Cons of Renting a Duplex

No maintenance crew on board

  • No Maintenance Crew on Board

Since duplexes are usually owned and managed by separate landlords, you won’t be able to count on a maintenance team being available 24/7 for repairs. You’ll have to contact the landlord and wait until he calls a specialist to fix whatever requires a fix.

  • More Responsibilities

Having more outdoor space and separate amenities results in having more responsibilities for you as a tenant. Things like sweeping the yard, taking care of your garage space, parking lot, etc. will become your routine. We believe it shouldn’t be a problem; it always feels greats to keep your home clean and tidy.

  • Sharing a Yard and a Wall May Not Be Good for Everyone

Sharing a yard and a wall may not just give you a sense of having your own house. Depending on what kind of neighbors you’ll have to live with, the situation can be a bit complicated. Sharing a wall with noisy tenants or dealing with someone who doesn’t want to participate in keeping the yard clean may be quite challenging.

Meet Your Future Neighbors

The key to getting along with your future neighbors is to make sure you have that ‘click’ when you first meet. The best way to do that is just to have a quick chat or a simple conversation while grabbing a cup of coffee after lunch.

Meet your future neighbors

Ask a few questions, see if you’re dealing with an introvert or extrovert, see what mindset he/she has regarding being a neighbor with you and make up your mind after.

Find out If the Landlord Will Live with You

Since it’s a common practice for landlords to live in the same duplex and rent out the other half, you should check who will be your neighbor.

Having this information at your disposal may be a key to your final decision. Not all of us may be excited about sharing the roof with a landlord and interacting with him/her every day.

Talk to the Previous Tenants

Don’t you want to know what kind of a person your landlord is? We believe that it’s always smart to check with the previous tenants and see what the reason they moved out was.

Talk to previous tenants

Also, it’s a great way to know more information about the person you’ll rent from. Maybe one of the previous tenants will give you some personal recommendations on how to keep a healthy relationship with a landlord.

Use Custom Filters to Narrow down the Search

We’re convinced that our platform gives the best selection of duplexes worldwide. However, if you want to find the best one to rent, you have to utilize all the available searching tools.

Rentberry Help Center offers a great quick tutorial on how you can apply custom search filters to narrow down the search and find only the duplexes that will have everything you want it to.

How to Search for Duplexes on Rentberry

Try Searching for a Duplex on the Go

Make sure you try out our mobile application. It allows you to find a duplex for rent, contact the landlord directly and rent a place on the go.

We recommend you to eSign your rental agreement on our platform and have a digital legal binding document on your account in a few taps on the screen.

Know Your Tenant Rights

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