How to Make the Most Out of Your Rental Kitchen

While on the move, you often come across rental kitchens that are not styled to your heart’s desire. This may be a result of your landlord trying to save a few bucks, the previous tenant leaving the kitchen in bad condition, the rental being old or the place having old fixtures and appliances among others.

Regardless of the reason, it is vital that you transform the place to your liking since you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time in your kitchen.

When designing your kitchen, you should be careful before making significant design changes because some of the changes may be against your landlord’s wishes. It’s important to always ask your landlord for his/her permission first before making any design changes to space, so you don’t run into issues with your deposit.

1. Try and Find More Space

A cramped rental kitchen is one of those things that can easily irritate a person. In an urge to try and save a few bucks, your landlord might have decided to make the rental kitchen take up as little space as possible. The silver lining though is that you can fix this to some extent by using these design techniques.

One way you can add some space in the rental kitchen is by taking advantage of the vertical space. Many people never think of the large vertical area that exists in their rental kitchens.

There is plenty of vertical space available in most kitchens and stackable shelves placed either on the walls or top of cabinets can help free us some space.

Moreover, you can free up some kitchen space by taking up space in other rooms. You can try this by extending your countertops to the adjacent room.

Furthermore, you may add some needed space in the kitchen by getting a moveable island. In addition to giving you extra space, a moveable kitchen island is easy to move thanks to its wheels. Hence you can easily move it while you are on the move to a new place.

You may also add a cart where you can store your kitchen supplies, recipes, and wine bottles. This would help you free up space on your countertops.
Other than making your home decor appealing, finding more space in your kitchen can help you navigate your kitchen quickly and ensure you properly utilize the space.

2. Organize Your Kitchen

After you have freed up some space, the next thing you need to do is arrange your home decor, fixtures, and utensils among others. Organizing your kitchen can transform to it to look not only neat but also appealing.

To organize your kitchen, you need to ensure that only essentials are left on the counters. Place the unnecessary items in a cabinet, so it doesn’t take away from your kitchen. Also, you may want to invest in drawer dividers and containers to fully leverage on a proper organization of your kitchen.

organize your kitchen

Moreover, you may hang pans and pots from your wall rack to free up space in your kitchen. This will not only offer you more counter space but also leave your kitchen appealing. Alternatively, you may want to put up a pegboard that has hooks for storing essentials and cookware. This will help improve your kitchen’s outlook.

Furthermore, in your organization, try to categorize items and create vignettes. Consider placing your spices together, your utensils together and kitchen appliances in one place. This can transform your old rental kitchen and give it a neat and stylish look.

3. Add Some Art

Placing art in your kitchen might give you the overall transformation you need to turn your boring kitchen into a cozy and decorative place. More often than not, rental kitchens tend to be plain without anything on the walls.

Adding a little art to the walls can change the appeal of the kitchen and make it more inviting. Moreover, it may also allow you to add some personality into your new kitchen.

If you find settling for a particular piece of art to be difficult, you may opt for the gallery wall technique. With this idea, you frame everything in a similar frame, and it adds symmetry to your space.

Also, you may choose to change the art in your kitchen depending on the seasons. Therefore, you can have a snowman hanging on your wall in the winter and a bright flower with the sun shining down on it in the spring.

Hanging art in your new kitchen will not only improve its look, but it’ll also allow you to add some personality to your rented space. Moreover, it may even let you hide a nasty backsplash.

4. Add Some Plants to Your Kitchen

If you are struggling to bring your new kitchen to life, then having plants in the kitchen space could be the remedy you need. Putting a plant or two in your kitchen can bring it to life in a short period of time.

It is generally easy to use plants to improve the look of your new kitchen. You may opt to buy plants that have already grown or plant some in a vase and wait a few weeks for them to grow.

Put some plants in it

However, you should choose your plants carefully and ensure that you don’t have a plant that grows to be too big such as trees.

This would take up your much-needed space and having to trim them regularly would be hectic for you. Furthermore, you should ensure that you have the plants in a place that doesn’t interrupt with your time in the kitchen or make it difficult to cook. Other than improving the look of your kitchen, plants can help improve the air circulation, and if you plant edible herbs, you may even add them to your cooking.

5. Adjust Your Lighting

Poor lighting may be the difference between you enjoying a homemade meal and ordering take out often. Once you get to your poorly lit kitchen after a stressful day at work, your subconscious will instantly tell you to get out and seek alternatives hence you ordering in. Moreover, old and dim lights can also look very unappealing. However, here are a few ways you can fix this.

One way to address a poorly lit kitchen is by changing your bulbs. Swap out the old and dim bulbs with new ones that are bright enough to light up your kitchen. However, while a fluorescent will light up your kitchen, it may highlight almost all the flaws in your kitchen like flooring that is outdated.

The advisable bulbs to replace the old ones with are the brittle and bright white bulbs. These are the recommended ones since they are bright enough to light up your space effectively.

Moreover, hanging a mirror next to where you do most of your work can help with the lighting. The mirror will reflect the light such that it will light up your work area. Additionally, proper lighting will help you feel that your kitchen is very spacious.

6. Paint Your Space

Old paint with scratches everywhere can be an eyesore when people walk into your kitchen. The silver lining though is that you can easily fix this by painting the place with new paint. Nicely painted walls can transform your kitchen from looking outdated to looking fresh and clean.

While most landlords generally have no issue with their tenants painting their kitchen, you should consult your landlord before making any changes to the walls. By asking for his/her permission, you should be able to secure your deposit.

Paint your space

You should ensure that the coat of paint you apply matches well with your other items and the flooring. Choose a simple color such as white or grey and test the samples on your wall before deciding on a new color and permanently changing the color of your walls. You should be careful with your new color as the color of your walls can have a significant impact on your home decor.
Additionally, you may also paint your countertops and other reasonable appliances and fixtures such as cabinets.

7. Place a Rug in Your Kitchen

If you are not happy with how the flooring is done in your new kitchen, a rug can offer a realistic solution that may address your design concerns. It will easily hide old or ugly flooring that you might not want your guests to see.

Additionally, a rug will be easy to move with hence investing in it even now seems like a sound financial decision. You may try to find one that will match not only your flooring but also your fixtures and other colors in the room. This will help enhance your home décor and make everything in the room come together.

However, you should think carefully before deciding on a rug. It’s wise to pick one that is easy to wash or vacuum. Before purchasing a rug think about how it needs to be cleaned.

8. Add Granite Countertops

If there is a design trend that has taken off in the last few years, it is granite countertops. While laminate and Formica countertops were quite popular a decade ago, today those made of granite have taken over. However, for rentals, many may still have old countertops hence the need to modify your new kitchen’s counter to those made of granite.

Kitchen countertops made of granite are not only stylish but are also very functional and are easy to care for. You don’t need to worry about the granite countertops becoming easily damaged since it’s an extremely durable stone and thrives in high traffic kitchens. Granite also comes in different designs. Therefore, it’s best to find ones to match your home decor.

9. Replace Some of Your Appliances and Fixtures

Your kitchen can look outdated and not as eye-catching with old appliances and fixtures. It may also be more difficult to do easy tasks in your kitchen without new and useful appliances and fixtures.

Getting rid of old and rusty appliances can transform your kitchen and give it a modern and classy look. Replacing old appliances and fixtures such as a fridge among others can help improve your kitchen’s look.

10. Update Your Cabinets

A simple task such as sprucing up your cabinets can have positive effects on your kitchen’s interior and make your space look more up to date. However, before changing the look of your cabinets, it’s important to ask your landlord for his/her permission.

You may consider painting the cabinets with lively colors that integrate with your kitchen’s interior. Alternatively, you may clean the cabinets, with a solution of white vinegar and warm water, to get rid of sticky fingers or cooking splatters that can negatively affect how it looks.

Besides, you may modify the knobs and pulls on the cabinets to give it a more personal touch and appeal. You may also update your cabinet by removing its door and leaving the contents of the cabinet exposed.

update your cabinets

If you’re looking for a fun way to spruce up your kitchen and add some color to it, you may add a wallpaper to the cabinet doors to make them attractive. Carefully selecting a pattern and adequately fitting the wallpaper can help improve your kitchen’s interior design.

While moving may take you to different places, you don’t have to settle with a mediocre rental kitchen. You can make modifications that will not only improve the look of your kitchen but also make it feel more like yours and not a boring rental kitchen.

These ideas should make it easier for you to create your dream kitchen as well as have a space that’s functional and spacious.

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