Rentberry Product Update

November Product Update: Better, Faster, Stronger

We’ve rolled out our latest release, and we’re thrilled to share the updates with you. Our November update includes global website improvements and new partnerships. Let’s see what we’ve got here.

Rentberry Is Live in 48 Countries

When we first created Rentberry, we aimed to disrupt the US rental market. We had a smooth start in major American cities and gradually expanded covering all the United States cities. To this day we work with thousands of satisfied landlords, tenants, and property managers nationwide. Of course, this couldn’t be the highest mountain we planned to climb, so we move forward.

Pioneering the decentralized and closed-loop approach in the old-fashioned Real Estate market is challenging, but we’ve managed to get dozens of MLS companies on board.

Today, we’re operating in 48 countries. Our team has already processed more than 800,000 properties. We continue to seal the deals with major players in various markets.

We set the ambitious goal to process 1 mln rentals by the end of 2018, and the team is ready to deliver.

Partnership with Erasmusu to Bring Europe on Board

You could’ve already noticed that Rentberry added numerous new European rentals to the platform. We’re very excited about the powerful alliance that we managed to strike with the Erasmusu.

We genuinely believe that Europe needs a convenient platform for student housing. Rentberry is ready to help students with their rental tasks and give them a chance to perform them all in one place.

Europe Union Flag

With that in mind, we partnered with Erasmusu – one of the biggest student housing platforms in Europe. This partnership brings more than 24,000 listings across Europe. The most promising locations include Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, etc.

Partnered with RealtyMole to Bring Even More US Properties

We reaffirm that our global ambitions will never affect our US presence. We’ve recently sealed the deal with RealtyMole – an owner of the massive database of US rental listings.

This partnership allows our team to bring more US properties and syndicate the properties of Rentberry landlords to one more listing partner platform. Our team believes that it should help landlords to reach a wider audience and receive more applies. On the other hand, tenants will be able to access more listings in their cities.

Let’s continue our productive US market disruption and God Bless America!

Improved the Website Speed and Performance Metrics

Today’s release marks a new milestone in Rentberry performance optimization history. We’re excited to announce that our development team significantly improved the load speed and overall user interaction with the platform.

Let’s take a look at the crucial points of their update:

  • made the search results and property page load 2x times faster;
  • implemented the API versioning to optimize the main data queries;
  • rewritten the geocoding and timezone API to improve the on-page performance;
  • added several more map services to take advantage of their region benefits.

One Gateway for Both Tenants and Landlords

This is the feature that we wanted to implement before and now are finally ready to announce.

From now on, Rentberry offers one account for both landlord and tenant experience. It only takes two steps to create an account on Rentberry now.

Man holding phone

Once you’re in, you can either rent a home or rent out your property. To do that you’ll just need to switch between Landlord and Tenant accounts.

Help Center Tip: Learn How to Switch Between Landlord and Tenant Accounts

There is no need to create separate accounts, deal with different email accounts and face other complications. We give you a one ultimate toolset to perform ANY rental task using one account.

Favorite Homes Feature

Did you find a property you like, but not ready to make your move? Make sure to take advantage of our ‘Favorite Homes’ feature.

Now you can add any listing to favorites and get back to it later. Don’t forget that the rental market is usually hot and you’ve got to act fast. Try sending your free application and include a custom offer that you’ll be able to edit later.

Launched the Rentberry Help Center

Our team is continuously working on making our platform accessible for every user around the world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tech-savvy enough, we’re ready to answer all of your questions.

Rentberry is thrilled to present our Help Center where you can find detailed user-guides to every feature on the website.

Final Thoughts

We’re happy to push the limits and improve our product day by day and year by year. This November release marks another step towards establishing an all-in-one global rental platform. On our end, we promise to go an extra mile in making it accessible for anyone who wants to find home anywhere around the globe.

We aim to make Rentberry your first stop for apartment hunting.

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