Overnight Guest Essentials: Get Your Rental Ready

When we invite our friends to our rentals, we tend to forget the essential things that we have to prepare for their overnight stay. Our team wants you to take it seriously and make your home feel more cozy and welcoming. Make sure you review our ultimate list of tips before your overnight guests arrive.

This will eliminate any possible inconvenience that you or your guest may have and your friends will never forget your hospitality.

Are Overnight Guests Allowed in Your Rental?

First things first. Make sure you talk to your landlord about having overnight guests in your rental. Unfortunately, some owners may have special policies regarding this. It’s always better to avoid misunderstandings and see what your landlord has to say on whether tenants can have overnight guests.

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

There is no need to act like Monica on the ‘Friends’ sitcom all the time, but when it comes to preparing for overnight guests, your house should sparkling clean. Your guest doesn’t have to worry about anything, make sure your rental feels like a real hotel. This is the best experience that you can bring to your friend.

When you offer someone to visit your house for a sleepover, you automatically offer him/her to relax, chill and have fun together. This means that creating a clean environment for that is your obligation. Let us introduce you the most comprehensive guide on how to prepare for guests.

Prepare Extra Pillows and Fresh Bedding

Since your guest will stay and sleep in your guest room or simply in your room, you’ll need to have enough pillows and other bedroom accessories to offer him/her. Pillows and good mattress are crucial for a good sleep.

Don’t forget to prepare clean new beddings, so your friend would feel like a special guest who’s truly welcome here.

Prepare fresh bedding and extra pillows

Sheets, blankets and all the other things that your guest may need should be placed on the bed and ready for use. You shouldn’t make your friend ask for this or make him look everywhere for clean sheets. This is a must for any welcoming host. Sleep is an important part of our lives, so giving your friend a unique and cozy sleeping experience will leave a lasting impression.

Have Enough Towels and Bathrobe for Your Guest

Hosting guests in your home means making all rooms accessible and clean. It shouldn’t be a surprise for you that your friend will use your bathroom anyway. He will need to go to the toilet, take a shower before going to bed, brush his teeth, etc. To make his bathroom experience hassle-free, you should prepare the most important elements of toilet:

  • Towels, so your friend could not only have a shower before bed but also take a shower in the morning and use a second clean towel. Also, people tend to offer a small towel for the face and hands.
  • Bathrobe, so your guest could use it after the shower and forget about the clothing he was wearing for the whole day.

Don’t Forget Other Bathroom Things

The best idea for you to determine what your friend may need in the bathroom will be going inside and taking a quick walkthrough. Do you have all the cleaning essentials that your friend may need?

Prepare extra bathroom things

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste
  • Toilet paper

Some people tend to forget their toothbrush, so we recommend you having the extra one in your bathroom. Just buy one and leave it packed. Whenever your overnight guest may need it, he will unpack it and use.

Offer You Guest the Storage/Space for Unpacking

Your guest will definitely bring his backpack with him with all the necessary clothing and other personal things.

Make sure you have a free shelf in your closet to give your friend a place where he can store everything, unpack his bag and leave his belongings there. If you have a nightstand, it would be enough. Just place it near the bed in the guest room, and your friend will be very grateful.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Guest Room

The room where your guest will stay is the main scene of your whole ‘overnight stay’ play. This is where your guest will see if you did put any effort in this whole sleepover idea.

Create welcoming atmosphere in your guest room

Everything should be ‘first-class’; the bed must be comfortable, the room must be clean, bright and cozy. To ensure that your gust gets really impressed, just take a quick test run and try this room yourself. Do you feel comfortable enough here? Then you’re ready to be a good host, meet your friend!

Find out What They Eat

Do you know what your guest prefers to eat? Does he/she have any food allergies? Is he/she lactose intolerant? You should always know what food to have on hand for overnight guests.

Prepare a meal plan

Some people tend to become vegetarians; they simply do not eat any dishes with meat. Make sure you know about it in advance, cause otherwise you risk to meet your friend with a steaming hot pepperoni pizza and your friend will dream of a good and healthy green salad. The meal plan should be well-thought-out and right on point.

Have Enough Dishes, Cups and Other Kinds of Kitchenware

Moving on to the kitchen, we should remind you that this is not a dinner for one person anymore. This means that you should have all the necessary kitchenware elements to have a good meal for two. Otherwise, you’ll have to run around the building and ask your neighbors for a second cup to pour the tea for your friend in it.

Keep More Snacks Around the House

A proper sleepover always includes a good movie session. Or maybe you’ll play some video games together and listen to music you both love. Having snack around the house is a must if you want to maintain the highest level of entertainment and fun.

Keep snacks closer

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

There are plenty of hospitality ideas for guests, but fun is mandatory! Just remember why you invited your friend to stay after all. This is about having fun, so don’t forget to plan your pajama party and prepare the list of activities that you both would enjoy. Offer your guest different options and find out what he/she wants to do. If you follow our tips and simply communicate with your friend, your friend will be happy to stay with you again!

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