House Hunting: Useful Phone Apps for Renters

Finding a perfect place now became more easy with lots of rental platforms around, but having a tour of the house you like is not the only thing that you should do. There are many types of applications for your smartphone that can help you evaluate the property and help you in your apartment hunting quest. So today we want to review the best mobile apps you may need while apartment hunting.

Google Maps

This is an absolute must when you’re not sure whether the neighborhood is good for you without taking a walk there. Yeah, I know, taking a walk is still the most solid idea but it’s 2021 and not everyone loves to perform an unnecessary physical activity.

Commuting from the neighborhood

With the Google Maps street view, you can not only browse the map and get directions on how to commute to your work from your new place. It also helps you to take a real tour of any location and virtually walk around, check out what you’ll see with your own eyes on a daily basis if you move in this place.


Our native app allows tenants to negotiate rent and find apartments for rent in a few taps.

Downloading our app to your smartphone will ease your house hunting, with Rentberry application you can:

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Walk Score

One of the key things to take into consideration while looking for a new place is whether the neighborhood suits you. Walk Score helps you to determine the walkability of this particular property, find different coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and schools.

Basically, this is the an ultimate tool that will help you understand whether the location around your new house fits your needs or not. Walk Score can generate you a full report on the commute time and give you commuting options available in this are: walking, bicycling, driving and public transport. This is all you need to evaluate the convenience of living in the selected area.


Moving is always a pain when you have lots of belongings and no way to organize it electronically. Luckily, guys from Sortly created an iOS and Android app that will help you ‘sort things out’ with your moving problem.

All you have to do is create some folders within the app for different rooms, collections, and types of items, then you just add the items and sort them between these folders to keep track of everything when you pack and unpack.

Sortly allows you to include pictures, different kind of notes, item values, warranty details and you can even put a link to this particular product on the internet (just in case).

Packing and unpacking should be easy

Once you’ve moved and unpacked, this app will still be handy if you like to organize large collections of items and keep track of them when you loan them to someone.

Angie’s List

This app will help you find companies and professionals to renovate your home and just for any maintenance project at your rental.

You can use built-in filters to find low-cost or top-quality solutions. The application is free and has a community of 5 million members. This creates a safe and verified environment.

Room Planner

Once you’ve moved to a new place, there is a chance that you have no idea how to organize the furniture there in order to create the best living experience for you and your family. There is a great trick that should help you: you should take a look at your new place from above. What do I mean? It’s simple!

Just install the Room Planner, draw your new place there in any kind of scale and start moving your virtual furniture around in this app. It will help you avoid unnecessary physical activity like moving around real stuff and save some energy for other things. Play with it until you’re happy enough with your results and then get back to real life and work these things out for real.


When you are looking for an apartment, it’s always important to make sure that your internet coverage will be good enough to maintain your internet activity.

Internet speed test

Open Signal is the best way to check out the coverage map and see whether the neighborhood you’re standing at is actually covered with mobile and Wi-Fi signals. You can also find Wi-Fi and compare the signals coverage quality right on the map. It’s gonna be useful for those who ‘lives online’ and works with social media closely. After all, we all consider our social media life as a crucial part of our everyday life, so there is nothing more convenient than this kind of app.

Speedtest by Ookla

When your potential landlord tells you that the internet speed in this apartment is amazing, just like a Ferrari race car, there is no need to rely on his words only. Now you can simply download the Speedtest app right to your smartphone and check the following internet connection features:

  • Your ping, download and upload speeds
  • Graphs that show you the connection consistency
  • Get detailed reports on the internet connection and share your results

We are really worried about your internet connection, so we’ve reviewed two applications that should help you make sure that you’re online and you’re all set to pay rent.

There are tons of different applications that can ease your renting experience. Your smartphone is an ultimate device that now can stop you from taking an uninformed decision and moving into the place you’ll regret about.

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