Rentberry’s Pick: Great Places to Rent in Pennsylvania

There are plenty of reasons why people move to Pennsylvania. This state has stunning nature, beautiful all year round, excellent health care, and an affordable housing market. It also has something to offer to every newcomer, from students and young professionals searching for career opportunities to recent retirees in need of a quieter life. Of course, when you decide to move to another city (or…

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Market Spotlight: Suburbs to Live and Rent in Philadelphia

There are plenty of reasons to love Philadelphia — fantastic art scene, superb food you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and so much more! Even TIME magazine included it in its list of the world’s greatest places in 2021. But, being the sixth-largest city in the country, Philly is polluted, overpopulated, and has high crime levels. If there is one thing the pandemic…

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Tenant Rights in Pennsylvania

Searching for a place to rent in Pennsylvania? Or you are a long-term renter trying to wade through the difficulties of landlord-tenant law? In any case, you should always know your basic tenant rights to avoid many unpleasant situations and lengthy discussions with landlords. Searching for a place to rent in Pennsylvania? Or you are a long-term renter trying to wade through the difficulties of…

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Rentberry’s Picks: US Cities for Pizza Lovers

Since I’m quite the foodie, I totally understand the feelings of Joey from ‘Friends’ when he once said something like ‘Joey doesn’t share food!’ I mean, I’m totally ok with giving someone my broccoli or green salad, but it doesn’t hold true for something as delicious as pizza. Seriously. Sometimes a slice of pizza tastes so good I start to believe that not only marriages…

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Rentberry’s Picks: 7 US Cities Good for Writers

When you’re thinking of the most brilliant writers of all time, who are you thinking of? Is it grey-headed Ernest Hemingway working on his masterpiece somewhere in Cuba? Or Scott Fitzgerald lounging from bar to bar in pursuit of a muse? Or maybe it’s Stephen King whose stories are so extraordinary you can hardly believe they’ve been produced in the head of one man? It…

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