Top 10 College Dorms & Why Students Don’t Even Think of Rentals

They say college years are the happiest. And why shouldn’t they be such? You’re young and full of energy, and at the same time old enough to make your own decisions and choices. You meet hundreds of new people, accumulate knowledge and gain skills to succeed in the future, and not yet have to worry about finding a job or something like that. You study all day and party all night. So, yes. College years are the best.

The only thing that might potentially cast a gloom on your carefree life is a lack of personal space and not-that-perfect living conditions. After all, you’re likely to live on-campus, which usually means having too little storage space, missing a kitchen and dining area of your own, not even to mention sharing your room with some stranger. In nearly all the cases, on-campus living conditions are fine but still leave much to be desired.

For this particular reason, a huge percentage of US students opt for near-the-campus rentals instead of living in college dorms. And while it would be more logical for us to emphasize the benefits of off-campus living (after all, we’re the platform offering long-term rentals), we’re about to do exactly the opposite. We’ve looked through dozens of college dorms and made the list of top 10 colleges where living conditions are too good to even think of living in a rental. Enjoy!

Indiana Wesleyan University

On-campus housing cost: $8,480 per academic year
Price for 1-bed apt in Indianapolis: $1,203 per month

One of the greatest dorms we could find belongs to IWU, the largest private university in Indiana. Although the local housing capacity is only 29% and it means that the vast majority of IWU students are forced to live off-campus, all the rest may enjoy comfortable and inviting living conditions without the need to miss out on after-classes college life. Students are offered to choose between living in traditional residence halls and apartment areas (there are even on-campus married housing options). Every residential hall boasts a high-speed WiFi, Cable TV, exercise room, heating and air conditioning, a shared TV lounge, etc. Speaking of security, student housing crime rate is 0 per 1000. Impressed? We’re either.

The University of Cincinnati

On-campus housing cost: $12,570 per academic year
Rental price for 1-bedroom apt: $640 per month

Students of the University of Cincinnati are blessed with one of the greatest apartment-style dorms out there. Can you imagine a college dorm with floor-to-ceiling windows facing beautiful views of the city? What about the one with upscale recreational equipment, cozy study lounges, and eco-friendly (plus innovative) heating/cooling system? While standard housing options are way above-the-average in their own right, students can choose to pay extra and live in double-room suites. Ready for the best part? Pay for housing and get an unlimited meal plan for free.

Santa Clara University

On-campus housing cost: starting at $13,203 per academic year
Rental price for 1-bedroom apt: $2,180 per month

Santa Clara University is the next one on the list for good reasons. The university boasts nine upscale residential halls as well as a gated community of residential villas. Local Residential halls have everything one might need to enjoy an independent living. Especially, if one chooses to live in residential villas that boast gourmet kitchens, full-sized beds, patio or balcony, as well as private exterior entrances. The overall housing capacity is 59%, which might not be record-high but obviously good. We wouldn’t say that housing options in Santa Clara are particularly cheap, but it’s California, baby! Nothing is cheap out there.

MIT (Simmons Hall)

On-campus housing cost: starting at $11,180 per academic year
Price for 1-bed apt in Cambridge: $3,126 per month

This list would be incomplete without the world-renowned Simmons Hall. Originally designed to encourage interaction among students, Simmons Hall has managed to turn into a city in itself. Apart from being a home to 350 residents, Simmons Hall also boasts a theater for 125 seats, a street-level dining area, and a night cafe. But what really blew our minds is that each residential room has as much as nine(!) operable windows. Should we also say that Simmons Hall boasts its own yoga studio, two gyms, and lounges with PS3s? Bottom line: Simmons hall is a student paradise as it is.

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Boston University (Student Village)

On-campus housing cost: $19,720 per academic year
Price for 1-bed apt in Boston: $3,111 per month

The newest residence hall of Boston University, Student Village boasts all the amenities students might need to live happily and comfortably. Reading rooms, music practice rooms, on-site laundry rooms, central air, fully furnished bedroom and living rooms, are all at students’ disposal. Since Student Village is made up of two high rises, students can enjoy the stunning views of Boston from the comfort of their student homes. Although each housing option is exceptional in Student Village, one may get some extra comfort by choosing a single-student apartment (for extra money, obviously).

Pomona College

On-campus housing cost: $16,716 per academic year
Price for 1-bed apt in Claremont: $1,064 per month

We cannot vouch for every residential building of Pomona College campus, but we strongly encourage you to take a closer look at Sontag and Pomona. The newest residential buildings out there, these halls will surprise you for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, they won the Builder’s Choice & Custom Home Design Award back in 2013 (it’s kind of a big deal in the world of architecture). Secondly, both buildings are exceptionally eco-friendly. And this means daylight sensors, low water use fixtures, electrical cut-off switches, solar panels that are used to heat water, etc. Now add to that a rooftop garden patio and drop-down movie screen and you’ll surely understand what made us put Pomona College on the list.

Purdue University (First Street Towers)

On-campus housing cost: starting at $7,670 per academic year
Price for 1-bed apt in Lafayette: $596 per month

If you prefer all things luxury, you’ll fall in love with First Street Towers. Apart from general amenities such as private bathrooms with walk-in showers, fully-furnished rooms, twin beds, central AC, and high-speed Internet, there is so much more at your disposal. There are spacious lounges with 46-inch flat screen TVs, recreational lounge zones, music rooms, ice machines, and entertainment centers. Is there anything else you could ask for?

Kennesaw State University (University Village Suites)

On-campus housing cost: starting at $6,500 per academic year
Price for 1-bed apt in Kennesaw: $1,185 per month

Let’s be straight right from the start: The University Village Suites are awesome but welcome freshmen students only. What makes this place unique is that it offers all possible perks of an apartment living that are usually out of the reach for first-year college kids. One can choose between living in a 1, 2 or 4-bedroom suite with a shared bathroom, mini kitchen, and even a built-in bar. The territory includes a couple of lounge areas, art gallery, community kitchens, free WiFi, gaming stations, etc. Cutting a long story short, this place is just beautiful and boasts everything a freshmen student might ever need.

The University of California, Berkeley

On-campus housing cost: starting at $13,495 per academic year
Price for 1-bed apt in Berkley: $2,295 per month

Located only one block away from the campus, The Units might seem to be nothing but a typical dorm, only they’re not. The entire housing complex is made of six separate buildings located around a large courtyard. Four out of six are high rises, which means breathtaking bay views available from the higher floors. Floor lounges with balconies, meeting rooms, spacious bedrooms, and private bathrooms for each suit are just a few things making the Units a comfortable place to live.

The University of California, Davis (Cuarto)

On-campus housing cost: starting at $13,303 per academic year (meals included)
Price for 1-bed apt in Davis: $929 per month

Home to approximately 1,000 students, Cuarto Area is probably one of the greatest college territories you can find. Since each residence hall in Cuarto is designed around a private outdoor courtyard, the area seems exceptionally homelike and inviting. However, what makes this place rock are two swimming pools and SPA. Do we have to keep explaining why Cuarto is among our top 10?

I have spent hours reviewing housing options available for US students and there’s one big thing I realized. If I had to choose between living in such on-campus dorms or renting an apartment nearby, I’d never opt for the latter. They say college years are the happiest, and chances are good that living on campus and being in the center of student’s universe 24/7 is what makes these years so good.

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