Rentberry’s Picks: Great Places to Live and Rent in Colorado

Are you a happy resident of Colorado searching for a new town to move to? Or, maybe, you’re going to make the Centennial State your new home and looking for a place to live in Colorado?

The towns on this list are very different: some might be more suitable for those who prefer fast-paced living and bigger cities, while others will offer you a small-town feel and laid-back atmosphere. But, there are certain points that all places in Colorado have in common, which make them so great! Think of close proximity to scenic nature, plenty of things to do outdoors, and healthy living. Ready to choose the town in Colorado that will check off all the boxes on the list of requirements for a perfect city?

Town for Quiet Life and Nature Lovers: Castle Rock

Median property value: $422,100
Population: 68,484
Median household income: $109,700

Castle Rock is conveniently located nearby Denver and Colorado Springs, so it is perfect for those who are searching for a quiet place with a lower cost of living but have a job in the state’s capital. This town boasts gorgeous trails and stunning mountain views, and many of its residents prefer to spend their free time mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. 

What’s more, Castle Rock is a great place to raise kids — first of all, it is exceptionally safe and has been listed as the sixth safest city in the state of Colorado. It has plenty of parks (and let’s not forget all those outdoor activities!), a large recreational center called Miller Activity Complex, and some good elementary schools. 

capital of colorado state, denver

Top City for Young Professionals: Denver

Median property value: $390,600
Population: 727,211
Median household income: $68,592

Speaking of the top places to live in Colorado, it is impossible not to mention Denver. Those who love small neat streets and the vibe of a small town tend to avoid the Mile High City, but it is undoubtedly one of the best places to reside in the state for all young professionals. 

What can you expect moving to Denver? Well, first of all, a lot of various activities, places to go, and things to see! This city is young, full of life, and fast-paced. It has a surprising number of breweries and pubs, many restaurants with outstanding food, and a thriving art and culture scene. Basically, it’s a great metropolitan area, but close to nature and not as expensive as many other large US cities. This place has a tolerable cost of living, and it is possible to find some affordable rentals in Denver easily.

Despite the growth of remote work opportunities across the country, we know that many people look at the job market as one of the deciding factors before choosing where to relocate. Denver is home to many offices of large companies, such as Salesforce and Accenture. However, the biggest employer in the Denver metro area is the U.S. Government, hiring people for different service agencies in various fields. 

City Perfect for Students and Artistic Souls: Boulder

Median property value: $700,000
Population: 105,673
Median household income: $69,520

Boulder is one of the most amazing places to live, not only in the state but in the whole country! Home to the best University of Colorado campus, Boulder attracts young people from all over the country, and it can truly be called a college town. This city is full of energy and life, has plenty of job opportunities, tons of cultural events and art spaces, and some remarkable restaurants.

Also, if you decide to invest in real estate in this city, you can always try yourself as a landlord down the road. There will never be a shortage of students and young families willing to rent an apartment in Boulder!

You don’t have to take our word for it — over the past years, Boulder appeared in numerous rankings and lists of the top cities to live in. For example, in 2020, it was named one of the top small cities in the US, according to, and in 2019, it became number one on the list of the great college towns in the country. As you could have guessed, the perfect life comes with a price — in this case, properties in Boulder come with a hefty price tag.

best cities to live in colorado state

Excellent Town to Raise a Family: Fort Collins

Median property value: $367,900
Population: 170,243
Median household income: $65,866

Fort Collins is a very safe and family-friendly area with many job opportunities, a reasonable cost of living, and a remarkable community. Some of its features will be particularly appealing for young professionals, for example, a dynamic nightlife, some of the best microbreweries, beer pubs (and even brew tours!), and the up-and-coming music scene. Fort Collins is very bike-friendly, has over 300 sunny days per year, and is easy to get around. 

Many younger locals include students of Colorado State University, some of whom decide to settle and start a family in this charming city. Thanks to the increasing number of residents, there are also new housing developments coming up, so it’s easy to find a brand new place in a neat and well-tended neighborhood.

City for Those on a Budget: Colorado Springs

Median property value: $269,800
Population: 478,221 
Median household income: $64,712

The city is loved by all groups of people — young professionals, seniors, and families, and the population keeps growing rapidly. In 2019, there was a 14.6% increase from 2010 in the number of inhabitants. Let’s take a closer look at why Colorado Springs is a great place to call home and one of the most exceptional places to live in Colorado state.

This city has the lowest prices for real estate out of all places on our list, so it would be perfect for those who want to live close to nature in a fairly large city without paying a fortune. Both real estate prices and prices for rentals in Colorado Springs are some of the most affordable in the state. 

What’s more, it is very easy to lead a healthy lifestyle here — not only is Colorado Springs home to the Olympic Training Center, but also it is simply impossible to stay aside from hiking and exploring the beauty of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Also, this city will be an excellent choice for those involved in military service, veterans, or simply people searching for a place that’s all about patriotism. There are a few military bases here, such as Fort Carson and Peterson Air Force Base and the respected United States Air Force Academy. 

This article was created by our editorial team and represents Rentberry’s subjective views on the top places to live in Colorado. We took into consideration factors such as quality of life, career and growth opportunities, and cost of living.

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