Best Cities to Live in Washington State

Washington State is a place that is loved by many — from enthusiastic entrepreneurs to nature lovers to young families. This state truly has something to offer to anyone, from breathtaking views and stunning national parks to great job opportunities and headquarters of the largest businesses in the country. 

Are you thinking of finding a place in Washington State you’ll be happy to call home? Don’t forget to learn about the best cities and towns in the Evergreen State before making a final decision!

For Those in Search of a Cheaper Place: Spokane

Median property value: $187,600
Population: 222,081
Median household income: $50,306

The most affordable city on our list, Spokane, will win you over with its magnificent views and a pleasant four-season climate. This place uniquely combines many perks of a large city with a laid-back vibe, reasonable cost of living, and plenty of outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, and skiing — these are just a few things you can enjoy in places like Palisades Park and Riverside State Park. And, don’t start us on the spectacular Spokane Falls — a waterfall located in the heart of the city’s downtown. What other place can boast an attraction like this?

It is very appealing for those who want to own their property, as the housing market has reasonable prices. Similarly, renters who are tired of living in overpriced locations will be pleasantly surprised — the average rent here is $1,191 as of 2021.

Best Place for Big City Fans: Seattle

Median property value: $663,100
Population: 753,675
Median household income: $92,263

Of course, we had to mention the largest city in the state if we’re talking about the best places to live in Washington State. While it might be one of the most expensive locations on our list, there are definitely plenty of reasons to choose Seattle as your new home.

First of all, you should seriously consider living in Seattle if you want to be close to beautiful nature but still crave for all the benefits the big city has to offer. Think of vibrant downtown with lots of cafes, bars, nightclubs, a strong art scene, and fantastic food options. Add to this plenty of job opportunities and a thriving tech environment, and you can see why this city is a place to be for any energetic person who wants to be at the heart of the action. A few Fortune 500 companies, among which are Amazon and Starbucks, choose Seattle as home to their headquarters, so if you dream of working in these powerhouses of a corporation, Seattle should be your first choice.

Best Town for Quiet Lovers: Issaquah

Median property value: $642,300
Population: 39,509
Median household income: $109,676

If you’re searching for a cozy and quiet town close to Seattle, Issaquah should be your number one choice. Similar to many other locations in Washington State, this place has easy access to many adjacent natural wonders, such as Lake Sammamish State Park and Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park. The trails for hiking and biking in this area are well-known far beyond the state, and you can enjoy all the outdoor activities after the busy workweek.

This suburbian town has one of the best schools in the state, so it will be perfect for families with kids who pursue a serene lifestyle and friendly community but don’t want to be too far from the city. Even though Issaquah keeps growing and developing over the past years, the downtown did not lose its soul and charm, and locals take great care of maintaining and nurturing this little gem.

Best City for Families with Young Kids: Bellevue

Median property value: $809,200
Population: 148,164
Median household income: $120,456

Another suburb of Seattle, Bellevue, has an entirely different vibe and atmosphere from Issaquah, but it also found its place on our list of best places to live in the state of Washington. Wonder what’s so great about it? 

This city is bustling with restaurants, cafes, shops, and nightclubs — anything you might want to spend a fun evening out. At the same time, upscale Bellevue is much less busy than Seattle and has much lower than average national crime rates. Basically, you can expect to live in a city with no disadvantages of thereof. You should consider living in Bellevue, especially if you have smaller kids — schools in the city are superb, and there are plenty of parks and playgrounds.

Of course, a perfect life comes with a high price tag — Bellevue is the most expensive city when it comes to buying property on our list. And, the cost of living is pretty high here as well!

Most Affordable City: Tacoma

Median property value: $277,900
Population: 217,827
Median household income: $62,358

Another fairly large city to move to in Washington State is Tacoma. It is a perfect alternative for those who think Seattle is too crowded or loud but prefer to stay away from small towns like Issaquah. Located less than an hour away from Seattle, Tacoma boasts more affordable housing and rental properties and a lower cost of living, which can be a gamechanger for those who don’t want to spend all their income on supporting themselves in a big city. 

Just like in any other town in Washington State, you’ll be surrounded by nature, with some of the locals’ favorites being Point Defiance Park and Mount Rainier National Park (although you’d have to drive to get to this one). Add some great restaurants, nightclubs, and art venues, and this becomes one of the best places to live in the state!

Best Place for Young Professionals: Redmond

Median property value: $703,000
Population: 71,929
Median household income: $132,188

Redmond is a place that attracts tech talents from all over the state, if not the country. The largest employer in the city, Microsoft, decided to make Redmond their headquarter. But, many other large tech companies hire thousands of young professionals as well, such as AT&T, Amazon, SpaceX, and Nintendo of America.

Wonder what life in Redmond feels like apart from working in tech? It is a quiet place filled with cyclists, very family-friendly, but also great for older residents. But, be aware of the higher cost of living, as many locals receive way higher paychecks than the national average!

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