Shopping for a Dream Home: Black Friday’s 10 Best Deals

There is no place like home, but it takes money and effort to turn an empty room into a cozy and comfortable place. If you’ve just moved into an empty home, you have long ways to go in terms of making your place not only livable but also homey. By good fortune, Black Friday is near at hand. This means an ocean of sales, hot deals, and special offers.

There is only one problem. The closer it is to Black Friday, the harder it becomes to navigate through the dozens of sites and emails promising you the best offers of your life. That is why we decided to give you a helping hand and create the list of top Black Friday’s deals for your home.

Save up to 70% on goods for your pet

Looks like this year Amazon is especially pet-friendly. Check out a long list of deals your pet will be grateful for. Looking for a grooming scissors kit? Get one for $16.99, while the regular price is $49.99. Feeling like your fluffy animal needs a new harness? Fortunately for you, it’s only $8.99 now. No matter if your need a new cage or a pet bed, it seems like Amazon took care of everything.

Decorate your home for a festive mood  

Feeling like you need some changes in your life? Start with your home. This year, Macy’s offers a huge discount on comforters of any size. With discounts up to 70%, special prices look more than attractive. You might think that you do not need new comforters right now, but such a price itself is a good reason to change your mind.


Get the most of the mattress sale

According to the store’s official announcement, it’s going to be the greatest mattress sale in history. Taking into account that the quality of sleep is proven to be the major factor determining our health and wellbeing, you can consider this purchase as an investment into your own health. Although there are no much details on prices yet, ‘the greatest sale’ sounds rather promising.

Mattress and microwave deal

Buy a new microwave, it’s only $30 or less

Even if you are one of those healthy lifestylers who blame microwaves for being dangerous, the price can make it hard to resist. This year, KMart placed microwaves to the category ‘under $30’. Basically, you are paying only $29.99 for an item that will make your dinners warm throughout the year.

Purchase a Christmas Tree before the prices skyrocket

It never too early to buy a Christmas tree. Especially, if it is November and Fred’s offers you a 50% discount. According to their official Black Friday ad, the regular prices range from $2 to $159.95. With a discount, it is only between $1 and $79.97. Why not getting more festive?

Play games at home from only $39.99

There is nothing wrong about wanting more games in your life. Being an adult can be hard, so getting relaxed now and then should be a doctor’s prescription. Fortunately, the second page of Kohl’s Black Friday catalog has two great offers made just for you. Get an XBox One or Sony PS4 for $49.99 or $39.99 accordingly, and may the force of video games be with you.

Get outdoor grill for only $99

The benefits of outdoor cooking are so numerous, it might not be a good idea to list them here. What you need to know is that Walmart offers two outdoor grills for $99 each. Choose between a two-burner and a four-burner propane grill, and enjoy the flavors of food prepared outdoors. There is no better way to spend a Sunday with your friends or family than to have a dinner in your backyard.

Grill and refrigerator deals

Enjoy a hot deal for a cold item

If your old fridge doesn’t look good with your new kitchen suit, then it is time for a new one. By a happy chance, the Home Depot designed a perfect offer for this occasion. You can pay only $998 and get a stainless steel refrigerator. The old price is $1884, so you save as much as $886.

Get coffee makers for $59.99 or less

Someone from JCPenney is definitely a coffee lover. What else can explain so many special offers on coffee makers? The special prices vary from $19.99 to $99.99, while the regular ones are between $44.99 and $129.99. If you’re tired from morning queue at Starbucks, it might be the right time to start making coffee at home.

Save up to $400 on buying a new HD 4K TV

It might be too banal to buy a plasma TV on Black Friday, but stereotypes should not stop you from making a good deal. With Best Buy’s special offers for this year, you can save between $250 and $400 on your purchase. This year, Best Buy offers a top-rated Samsung 55’ Ultra HD for only $479.99 and Toshiba 49’ Ultra HD for as little as $199.99.

No matter if you are a clinical shopaholic or a minimalist who hates to spend money, Black Friday calls for all of us. It is the best time to refresh your home, and finally, buy something you’ve been dreaming about for ages.

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