How To Furnish Your Place at a Shoestring Budget

When your stay in the parents’ house comes to an end, you start looking for a decent place to start off your grown-up life and get that desired independence. We often forget that grown-up decisions are closely connected with your financial opportunities. It means that you can make the deepest research possible and find a truly amazing and affordable place at the same time, but this is not the end of your quest here.

One of the best options to fit into the small rental budget is renting an unfurnished apartment. These kind of deals are very popular and sometimes you can find a fancy place with a price tag, but the place itself will not have enough furniture for your happy life. What are your options in this case? This is where you need to see our checklist on furnishing your first apartment and see what you can do to breathe life into your new home.

Make All the Necessary Measurements of Your Apartment

You must always keep in mind the measurements of your new apartment to be able to get the right kind of furniture for it. Basically, if you don’t know how big your rooms are, you will either not be able to get the right furniture or you’ll simply make mistakes and bring something that won’t fit.

When you deal with a tight budget, you don’t have a right to make mistakes. Each one of them will hit your budget so hard that you’ll regret your laziness later. Deal with it like a man, just do it and proceed to the next step.

Visit the Local Garage Sales and Flea Markets

Some people attend this kind of markets just because they like to dig vintage stuff. We’re not here to find something stunning and antique. You need to review all the cheapest options and compare them to see what choice will benefit you financially and satisfy your furniture needs.

Items for sale on garage sale

It’s not a rare thing to sell a table or a set of chairs that you don’t really need, so you’ll find lots of options to choose from. Of course, vintage-lovers affect the old furniture prices by default, but you still can find someone who is ready to get rid of his coffee table just for a few bucks.

Swap What You’ve Got with Others

One of the sweetest memories from our childhood are usually connected with our passion to exchange something with our friends. Remember how you exchanged your latest PlayStation game with your neighbor? Guess what? You can still exchange stuff!

For example, you’ve got a set of 4 chairs on the local flea market lately and you just need the two of them at your place. You can give it to your friend who’s got a spare coffee table and everyone will be happy. This is a classic win-win situation.

Stop by the Websites with Freebies

First of all, you should check out classifieds like Craigslist. Trust me, a lot of people simply don’t like to throw stuff away and they try to find a new owner for their beloved furniture. This is where you come to the spotlight in the shiny armor and offer them to give a new life to their beloved chair, table or anything else they offer.

Platforms like and other websites that offer you to become a part of the sharing community will do.

Auction Is a Risk Worth Taking

eBay will always stay alive due to its original bidding approach that people apply to anything they sell there. Furniture is not an exception.

Find the furniture auctions that are close to an end and hunt for something beautiful and affordable for your place. Usually, eBay can offer you a wide range of products and auctions to choose from. Remember: where there’s a will there’s a way, just don’t rush.

Pay a Visit to the Closest IKEA Store

Yeeeeah, we know… IKEA is like everywhere! But, come on guys, it’s still an affordable place to get new looking furniture for your home.

People tend to hate this store, cause all the units here are not exclusive and people often see the same tables, chairs, and shelves in each others’ apartments. Despite the fact that it may hurt your exclusiveness and tender soul, IKEA is a decent choice to go furniture shopping with a small budget.

Use IKEA, good deal for a good price

Also, count in the stores like H&M Home and any other shops with ‘typical’ and minimalistic designs that offer you affordable deals constantly.

Refurbish and Refinish Something Really Old

We’ve already reviewed the garage sales, flea markets, bidding websites and even freebies websites. What else can you do to make your place look great with all the ‘old’ furniture you could find?

Let’s say you’ve found a great deal and got an old table, but the wear and tear situation is very sad. That’s where you can apply your creativity and refurbish/refinish the old furniture you have. This way you’ll be able to give it a new fresh look and make sure that your place doesn’t look like a dumpster.

Buy Showroom Samples with Dents and Scratches

Most of the furniture stores usually have showcased their products and give people an opportunity to try it out. People test out each and every sofa or chair to be sure that they will feel comfortable enough sitting or laying on them.

It’s not a surprise that these furniture samples can get dents, scratches and other signs of wear. That’s where the trick is revealed: stores usually sell these sample units with a -15% or -30% discounts.

How to Furnish an Apartment for $1000

Ways to furnish your apt for $1000

We already see how you start to type a comment that it’s easy to say, but what about some examples. Well, we’ve got them for ya. Let’s say we have a budget of $1000… We decided to send our editor to browse the internet in the search of good furniture options for you.

So we’ve just browsed through the IKEA store and spent around 490 dollars. As you can see, this is just half of this budget and we’ve already got ourselves a sofa, a coffee table, a simple TV unit, table for your dining room, a drawer chest, a bookcase and a shelf unit. Additionally, we’ve got here a corner table and a swivel chair for your working zone.

This is just one website/store that we’ve used. You have the other half of the budget now, how about visiting a flea market or review the eBay auctions to get a few vintage furniture units as a stylish addition to your IKEA set?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to furniture a small dining space or a living room, there is always a way to do it and fit your budget if you approach it smartly.

How to Furnish My House for Free

Furnishing your house with no money may be a huge challenge, but you shouldn’t be too scared, especially when you have our tips by your side!

Charity Organizations

First of all, you should check with the local charity organizations. Their main goal is usually to help anyone and people tend to donate not only the money but their clothes and… furniture!

Contact any charity organization in your area and check if they have any kind of furniture available, explain your situation and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get something for your new home.

Any College Campus

Move out days at the college campuses are crazy. Especially when it comes to the number of things that get thrown out by the dormitory residents. Make sure you take the most out of this hint, cause this is like a real goldmine there and you won’t even believe what kind of stuff you can find there sometimes.


This is not the best option, but if you’re shameless enough and you’re ready to dig deeper in your search of furniture, you should check the local dumpsters.

Not everyone wants to sell their old furniture, some people just throw it away. Often people throw away furniture that can still serve and even looks good. If not, you can always refurbish and refinish anything you find giving it a more fresh look.

Wrapping Things Up

Furnishing your apartment from the scratch is not an easy task, but we strongly believe that it all depends on the approach you choose.

We want to believe that anyone can furnish his/her apartment with a small budget or even with no budget at all. And we strongly believe that we proved it with our examples and tips.

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