Custom Headboard Ideas

Now more than ever, our bedroom is so much more than just a place for sleep. In many cases, the bedroom has taken on a greater importance as the place where we spend the majority of our time at home. Think about how much time you’ve collectively spent in the past week watching Netflix, reading, working and more from your bed. That’s why, just like your go-to outfit, your bedroom is a place that should be incredibly personal and bring you joy.

If you are looking to add that pop of personality to your bedroom, an easy and effective way is to change up your headboard. In the days of personalized-everything, custom headboards have become a focal point in home renovations, and lucky for us, there are many hassle-free, chic options out there to choose from. As the centerpiece of your bedroom, we’re here to help you land on the headboard that best represents you – one that will end up feeling like the obvious choice all along.

Here is our top ten list of trendy DIY headboard ideas — whether you’re a tried-and-true DIY expert, or someone who’s just looking for a touch of custom without the effort.

1. Upholstered Fabric Headboard

If you love the thought of “DIY” but don’t own a hammer or nail, this one’s for you. You can choose a headboard shape and customize it with the upholstered fabric of your choice. We recommend you go with Square Back Headboard because it is the most versatile, classic shape and goes well with any fabric choice. Instead of purchasing a piece of fabric and draping it yourself, you can get an upholstered headboard, and have it delivered to your door. Personally, we love a moss velvet fabric for a more mid-century modern look, or the leopard print for a maximalist statement. All without having to invest in a screwdriver.

2. Room Divider Headboard

If you are feeling creative but hoping for a more noncommittal option that you can easily change out, a hassle-free DIY-lite option is to transform a room divider into a headboard. You can flatten an upholstered folding screen behind your bed, so it lies upright against your wall. And the DIY portion comes when you get to choose a pattern of your choice. Another bonus: if you’re ready for a change-up, the screen can be easily repurposed to double as a piece of art or pinboard in a particularly cluttered corner of your bedroom or used for its original function as a room divider.

3. DIY Tufted Headboard

This is a popular headboard type because its design elevates your bedroom to a luxurious sanctuary. This is also one of the plusher headboards, making it comfortable to rest your head on if you’re someone who enjoys reading or watching TV from bed at night (or, ahem, working). It suits almost every style and can be customized to whichever color or pattern you like. This easy DIY tutorial will take your favorite fabric and transform it into a tufted headboard for the upscale feel you’ve been dreaming about.

4. DIY Wood Headboard

If you are looking for a rustic yet timeless look, opt for a wooden headboard. This will give your bedroom a complete makeover and when contrasted with a colorful quilt or bedding. We recommend using a step-by-step guide to help you make your own wooden headboard at home, even without sophisticated tools. You can also soften up this rustic look with a few plush patterned throw pillows or find a complete contrast by opting for a soft, comfy faux fur throw blanket.

5. DIY Pallet Headboard

The best part about pallet headboards is that they are so versatile, and pretty readily available if you know where to look. Check out your local shopping centers – particularly bars or liquor stores, pet food stores, and other small retail locations – and chances are, you can score your materials for free. Pallet headboards also give you the opportunity for a number of finishes – whether you’re going for rustic or glossy. This will be a fun weekend project and highly recommended for DIY beginners who are looking to tackle their first furniture project.

6. DIY Pegboard Headboard

If you’re looking for a sleek, minimalist headboard style that requires low effort, this is the option for you. The best part about it is that you can hang up photos and accessories on your headboard because the cushioned upholstery serves a dual function as a pegboard. It’s relatively easy to construct and allows you to add a personal touch – whether that’s string lights or tacked photographs and personal artwork. Here’s some help getting started.

7. DIY Door Headboard

If you are a more advanced DIYer and looking to repurpose old material with a little challenge, try using an actual door to create a headboard. Door headboards have been trending lately, and there are several DIY options available. It will be sure to add a ton of character to your room and be an instant conversation-starter anytime someone visits. Check out this DIY explainer to help bring you closer to creating your own door headboard.

8. DIY Quilt Headboard

This headboard option offers maximum effect, with minimal effort and cost. If you have a large quilt or rug at home that is wider than or the same width as your bed, you can hang it above your pillows to give the visual effect of a headboard but without any installation required. It will double as a piece of art and add an unconventional touch. Also, perfect if you’re the noncommittal type!

9. DIY Throw-Over Rod Headboard

Taking the quilt headboard one step further: if you have spare fishing wire or a curtain rod, you can secure it to the wall above your head and throw a decorative bedspread or tapestry over it to instantly add the visual element of a headboard without much time or budget investment. This can also double as a piece of art to draw the eye upward and make a smaller room appear more spacious.

10. Faux Headboard Hacks

Have wall adornments, such as large-scale art or shelving, on hand already? One of our favorite hacks is to think outside the traditional headboard frame and use these decor items to trick the eye with by adding depth and visual interest to an otherwise bare space. Still craving that comfort factor plus upholstery? Well no problem – this solution will hold you over until you’re ready to customize the headboard of your dreams.

Author Bio

Jessica Parekh is a rising senior at Northwestern University. Before working in marketing for home furnishings company The Inside, Jessica worked as a Features intern at Condé Nast Traveler in Mumbai. In her free time, she is involved in Northwestern’s Circle of Women Chapter, focused on female empowerment.

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