Renovate Your Kitchen Under $100: Ideas & Inspiration

Most of the time when you relocate to a new house, the kitchen is usually one of the places that are worn out. This is due to the constant use and presence of fire and sharp objects like cutlery. You may also decide to spruce up your kitchen to add more life to it. Kitchen improvement sounds like an expensive exercise but you can actually do it for less than $100. The following tips will help you with this.

Kitchen Improvement

Change the Hardware

Kitchen cabinets wear out quickly due to the constant use whether by pulling the knobs or for storage. You might want to change the knobs together with the handles to suit your style or even to keep up with the trends. Since you are trying to save money you will only need to change the knobs and not the cabinet. When installing new knobs in the place of the old ones, you just need to use the same holes; however, if you are replacing them with handles or pulls you will need additional holes. This will require tools that are easily available, for example, screwdriver, drill, and the knobs or handles.

Your new knobs will go well with a painted cabinet. You can spend under $70 if you choose to paint the doors, or shelves.

Fix New Lighting

Changing the lighting in your kitchen will not only brighten the place but it will make it look new. There are varieties of kitchen lighting ideas that you can choose from, for example, a vintage light could cost less than $20 especially if it is second hand.

Change kitchen lighting

You might also choose modern lighting such as battery powered LED lights that you can hang inside the cabinets these cost $8.

Get a New Dish Rack

Choose a dish rack that suits your nature and taste and the one that is made of durable material. Remember to choose the one that goes well with the color and design of your kitchen. A good dish rack will hold heavy dishes, pots, and your best mixing bowls and glassware. For the price of $20 or less, you can get a durable dish rack.

Spruce Your Countertop

When making improvements, the kitchen interior is usually the focus this brings a fresh new look to the place. Whether you prefer Wood, marble, zinc or a stain resistant countertop you can do it within your budget. Sealed wood countertops made from imbuia, walnut or anigre are durable because they are sealed with an acrylic finish. Other durable countertops could be made from materials such as Oak slab, Green Silestone, glass top, and zinc.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

You cannot make kitchen improvement and leave your decor old and worn out. You can add decorations such as pictures, wallpapers, elegant curtains, and floor rugs and even several mirrors. These kitchen décor ideas can change the look of your kitchen, especially when used together.

Get Rid of Clutter

Do away with all the stuff that you do not need like food, utensils, and appliances that are no longer in use. This will make your kitchen tidy and more spacious. If you have always wanted to improve the layout of your kitchen, getting rid of clutter will help you to implement your kitchen set ideas.

Include a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen bring beauty and elegance to the whole setting. The backsplash requires a small space as well as less money also it does not require constant kitchen updates. There are various designs such as modern or rustic ones. There are many backsplash ideas to provide you with the kitchen inspiration you need, for example, you can use Moorish or Moroccan tile, marble, mosaic or cracked ceramic. Before attempting to install a backsplash make sure you know how to remodel a kitchen.

Home Improvement Ideas

Apart from making kitchen improvement, you might choose to do a home makeover. Kitchens are not the only places you can improve cheaply you may choose to change your bathroom or even bedrooms.

Home improvement ideas under $100

The following home improvement ideas will give you a quick start on this:

  • If your kids have grown up you can change the size of their beds as well as the model and design, for example, grown boys don’t fancy race car beds as they used to do when they were kids. You may also want to change the ceiling and closet to match the new look. Also include shelves to store books, magazines, and comics.
  • Painting a room can change the whole look because different colors can make a room look and feel great. Some colors like blue bring out a sense of calmness. Mixing different colors will make a room unique and awesome.
  • Add new curtains according to your taste and style, for example, if you do not want any sunlight in your bedroom, you may choose blackout curtains. This will keep out sunlight and will ensure that you get good sleep.
  • When choosing cheaper materials to remodel your bathroom, adding a stone exterior to your tab is not only cheap and easy but it also looks elegant.
  • Power outlets pose danger to everyone at home however, you can choose to hide them. You can put them in your desk holes or you can use power bars for your kitchen.


There are many reasons that can make you want to improve the look of your kitchen. Whether it is boring or because the floor and hardware are worn out, kitchen remodeling does not have to consume a lot of time or money. Doing it yourself makes sure that you pay attention to the details that you want to change or improve. Using cheap materials or the ones already present lessens the cost of this activity.
So are you now confident that you can improve your kitchen for under $100? What do you think are the cheapest home decors? Tell us in the comments section.

Author Bio:

Alice Bell is a contributor at She is yoga enthusiast and blogger with a passion for cooking.

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