Best Places to Live: 5 Cities for Tech Professionals

If you live in the same reality as we do, you’ll sure agree that modern people seem to be falling into two camps – those with a tech job and those trying to get one. Well, it’s obviously a little too dramatized but still close to what is happening in the global job market these days. Tech jobs are well-paid, popular, and promising at least because they don’t seem to become a thing of the past anytime soon.

It follows that the young bet on tech when choosing their future career, the adults have no choice but to retrain and compete with the young, while the elderly, with very few exceptions, find themselves on the bounds of the job market. And this trend points unambiguously to one thing: if you want to have at least some confidence regarding your professional future, you should make sure your job is somewhat related to the tech industry.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of American cities that are best for finding your next (or first) tech job in 2019. Unlike the majority publications on this topic, we won’t list the obvious choices like San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles. Everyone knows that these cities are a gift in terms of salaries and a nightmare in terms of living costs. So sit comfortably and get ready to learn what city will help you find your next tech job, but won’t drain your purse over the long term.

This is how the list of best cities for tech career looks like when we take it one step further and not overlook such a crucial factor as a cost of living.

Seattle, WA

Cost of Living & Rent Index: 78.67 (It’s 111.92 in San Francisco)
Median Salary for Tech Job: $98,215
Most well-known tech companies: Microsoft, Amazon, Moz

A couple of weeks back, Seattle has been featured on our list of best American cities for young professionals. And this means at least one thing – Seattle boasts great job opportunities, relatively affordable housing, and attractive median salary. Some people (feel free to call them desperate advocates of the Bay Area) might not agree that Seattle is the right place for an A+ career in tech. However, the truth is that Seattle is one of the greatest alternatives to high-cost tech hubs. It is a fast-growing city that’s been doing great in gaining the reputation of a new tech-magnet for the last few years. Good job, Seattle. You are now on the list.

Arlington, VA

Cost of Living & Rent Index: 80.46 (It’s 111.92 in San Francisco)
Median Salary for Tech Job: $96,605
Most well-known tech companies: PBS, Capterra, OneWeb

Being one of 15 America’s most popular cities among tech job seekers, Arlington might seem like the most counter-intuitive choice to make. But if you dare to take a closer look, you’ll be surprised. According to the recent findings of Indeed, Arlington is narrowly beating San Jose and San Francisco in the segment of mobile developer jobs. The city has got the third highest salary rate in the entire US for this position. Sorry for a hint at an obvious, but here it is: if you’re a mobile developer, the city of Arlington is sure worth a try.

Tecj jobs opportunities in Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Cost of Living & Rent Index: 69.22 (still 111.92 in San Francisco)
Median Salary for Tech Job: $88,523
Most well-known tech companies: SendGrid, IBM, Oracle

According to experts, Denver might be the best destination not only for those working in tech but also for those looking for the first job in the tech industry. Given that both the salaries and size of the tech industry in Denver rank close to major American tech hubs, it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of Bay Area companies relocate to Colorado in general or Denver in particular. If you still doubt our choice, it’s time to remind you that Denver’s affordability index is almost three times higher than the one of San Francisco.

Austin, TX

Cost of Living & Rent Index: 63.18 (still 111.92 in San Francisco)
Median Salary for Tech Job: $94,025
Most well-known tech companies: Dell, HomeAway, SpareFoot

If you dare to weigh the merits of Austin compared to San Francisco, you’ll never choose to bet on the latter in terms of career opportunities in tech. That’s not to say that the times of San Francisco are gone, but a growing number of tech employers and employees confirm that Silicon Valley is no longer the only good option. Whether it’s an absence of personal income tax or affordable housing or a remarkable strong tech community that makes tech representative flock to Austin, one thing remains clear. The city’s got the strong potential to become the next tech mecca, and you still have time to be among the first to use this fact for your own benefit.

Dallas, TX

Cost of Living & Rent Index: 56.74 (still 111.92 in San Francisco)
Median Salary for Tech Job: $89,433
Most well-known tech companies: AT&T, CyrusOne, Texas Instruments

Dallas might not be the biggest surprise on this list, but it still feels like a little counter-intuitive choice to make. Some people don’t even consider Dallas an option because of its 11.5 months of summer and almost unbearable heat, but others prefer to see the brighter side and put career opportunities first. In case you’re more likely to choose the second, you’ll be rewarded with a well-paid job and a relativeIy low cost of living. Sounds like a fair trade-off.

Living in the world’s tech capital is sure a lot of fun: almost all big tech company have a presence here, the region is getting the lion’s share of venture capital investment, and the most of the talented tech workers seem to be living just around the corner. This all is great, but what is trendy is usually expensive.

There are many places in the US where you can work in tech. For example, San Diego is experiencing a rise and becoming a new tech hub. Live happily, and don’t cry over paycheck when it’s time for your next rental payment. Consider the options you have, choose the city where you won’t need to spend the bigger part of your income on housing, and go soar to new heights.

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  1. Really! I’m thinking on moving to one of those cities HAHAHA. I could be earning bucks with my digital transformation knowledge.

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