California Renter Rights Overview

While the rental market in California still tries to bounce back amidst a COVID-19 pandemic, we continue our educational series. We want you to know your tenants’ rights and live in California without fear of an uncontrolled rent increase or lease termination.

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Rentberry’s Picks: Cities and Suburbs of the West Coast Perfect for Families

Moving can be hard, both for parents and kids. Parents have to worry about finances, new jobs, and handling the move as a whole, whereas kids worry about new schools, leaving old friends, and being in a new place. Luckily, the West Coast is full of great cities to raise a family in and start afresh. Not only are many communities near the beach, but…

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Rentberry’s Picks: Cities For Hiking Enthusiasts and Mountain Lovers

As each year brings a wave of new technologies and gadgets, it might seem that people no longer spend much time outdoors. Despite the number of hours an average person spends on screen (can you believe it’s around 10 hours per day?), it turns out that outdoor activities in general and hiking, in particular, are gaining in popularity. According to the most recent statistics out…

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Rentberry’s Picks: 7 US Cities Good for Writers

When you’re thinking of the most brilliant writers of all times, who are you thinking of? Is it grey-headed Ernest Hemingway working on his masterpiece somewhere on Cuba? Or Scott Fitzgerald lounging from bar to bar in a pursuit of a muse? Or maybe it’s Stephen King whose stories are so extraordinary you can hardly believe they’ve been produced in a head of one man?…

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Rentberry’s Picks: Cities for Tech Professionals

If you live in the same reality as we do, you’ll surely agree that modern people seem to be falling into two camps – those with a tech job and those trying to get one. Well, it’s obviously a little too dramatized but still close to what is happening in the global job market these days. Tech jobs are well-paid, popular, and promising, at least…

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