Family Radar: Best Cities and Suburbs of The West Coast

Moving can be hard, both for parents and kids. Parents have to worry about finances, new jobs, and handling the move as a whole, whereas kids worry about new schools, leaving old friends, and being in a new place.Luckily, the West Coast is full of great cities to raise a family in and start afresh. Not only are many communities near the beach, but many of the beach dwellers attitudes spread further than their love for nature and displays itself for their love of children. It is unreasonably easy to find friendly and welcoming cities this side of the country.

Not only are cities on the West Coast welcoming, but the communities truly value the education of their younger citizens. Education rates soar in many local areas, making their appeal much larger than that of many of their neighbors.

Here are just a few of the most family-friendly cities on the west coast, and what makes them great places to raise kids and establish a new home.

La Jolla, CA

La Jolla is known internationally for its surfing scene, but the city has a lot going for kids and families too. It is a medium-sized beach town, a spring off of the San Diego area, with only about 50,000 residents and about 7 miles of coastline connecting the city to the Pacific ocean. During the summer, the beaches and the city become incredibly lively and are packed full of people and things for families to do.

La Jolla San Diego

Education scores in La Jolla are much higher than local and state averages, making nearly the learning experience for your child or children that much more improved. There is not much crime in the city either, with general crime occurring at about a third of the national average, making it a relatively safe community for your family.

Carmel Valley, CA

Carmel Valley is a small, relatively affluent suburb in San Diego that has a lot going for it. Located just off the 68, this suburb is home to only about 40,000 people, but that doesn’t stop it from hosting multiple fairs and festivals every year. This city is great for raising a family also because of its closeness to San Diego, which opens up a whole world of activities for the family.

Carmel Valley California

Carmel Valley has exceptional educational opportunities at its 5 public schools within city limits, with an average test score more than double the state’s average. Crime in Carmel Valley is significantly lower than the surrounding area and nationally as well, at about a third to a quarter of the rate of both California and national crime. Due to this, Carmel Valley is a great city to raise children who will be well educated and safe.

Los Angeles, CA

Although many may disbelieve the credibility of this claim, Los Angeles is a great place to raise a family. Surrounded by culture, tons of family activities, and a stone’s throw away from Venice Beach, L.A. is the perfect place for the families looking for a unique lifestyle.There are plenty of suburbs for those not ready to live in the center of the city. Three that stand out as great family-friendly suburbs are Mar Vista, Beverlywood, and Cheviot Hills.

Los Angeles California

Mar Vista has a fantastic real estate value that is constantly growing, and great culture and history as well. Families will love living in the heart of many tourist activities, nestled along the Venice Short Line Trolley between Los Angeles and Venice Beach.

Beverlywood is in the westside of Los Angeles and is a relatively affluent and small community of about 7,000 people. Crime rates are very low for L.A., and education exceeds Los Angeles and California standards.

Cheviot Hills is a very well known suburb of Los Angeles due to its star residents and its location smack dab between Fox Studios and Sony Studios. Similar to Beverlywood, the suburb exceeds L.A and California education standards, and the crime rate is significantly lower than surrounding areas.

Bellevue, WA

Bellevue is a medium-large city in Washington with a fantastic local community and plenty for families to do together. There are lots of parks spread out all over the city, as well as museums and exhibits dedicated to kids’ exploration of the world. The city hosts farmer’s markets, festivals, and other public events all the time that help to foster a sense of community locally. And even better, education is of a higher quality in Bellevue than other areas in Washington State, with an average test score of 70% compared to 48%.

Bellevue Washington

Being close to Seattle definitely helps with work relocations, and also offers a plethora of activities for the family just a short drive away. Countless museums, tours, hands-on activities, and more stores and culture than many places that far up the west coast are available just a short drive away from Bellevue.

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