Market Spotlight: Dallas Suburbs

Being one of the largest cities of Texas, Dallas gives you a very similar feel to Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. We want you to understand whether Dallas suburbs can be considered a good fit for you and your family. That’s why today we’ll be your guide to the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex area.

Richardson, TX

Driving distance to Dallas: 14 miles (or 15 min)
Average rental price: $2,041
Walkability score: 44/100

Richardson is known as a very quiet town with almost no crime life in the neighborhood. Having the highest walkability score on our list today, this town still offers a good transportation hub that may help you get to your job and nearest amenities with a pretty good commute time.

This is a family-friendly place where you can raise your kids, get a decent job within a drivable distance, go for a run in the evening and throw out a picnic on weekends.

Once your kids grow up, they’ll be able to choose from Richland College, the University of Texas, and the University of North Texas. This is also the closest town to Dallas, so your daily commute to the big city will take around 15 minutes, it’s really fast!

Southlake, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 26 miles (or 29 min)
Average rental price: $4,054
Walkability score: 15/100

This Dallas suburb is not very walkable, but the overall location of this place will give you access to major cities, airports, and attractions.

One of the most valuable things among the community members of Southlake is the safety of their neighborhood. Police is literally always around and act fast if needed, so they don’t really have any issues except some minor ones that are addressed very promptly. This town is very quiet and it can be explained by the fact that it attracts working-class families due to its great schools. As some of the locals may say, the education in Southlake is extraordinary!

Southlake Dallas Suburb

There is a Southlake Town Square that offers a variety of different attractions, shops, and diners. It’s still expanding, but already offers lots of places to hang out for the students of local schools.

Due to its closeness to DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth Airport), Southlake’s traffic is constantly increasing, but as of today stays on a very acceptable level.

Coppell, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 20 miles (or 26 min)
Average rental price: $2,371
Walkability score: 28/100

Coppell is often named as the number one suburb of Dallas. We dived deeper to understand whether it’s true or not and what kind of benefits it may offer to its residents.

Basically, this area offers nice houses, decent schools and lots of places to spend time with your family.

One of the local residents, who was interviewed while preparing this article, said that he’s not sure whether Coppell can be named an affordable place or not. In his honest opinion, having a career and a good job is a must to be able to afford the rent in this area and live comfortably. But if you take a look at the median rental prices, you’ll see that this is not the most expensive suburb of Dallas.

This neighborhood is full of volunteering activities, swimming pools, and jump parks. Local schools are ranked as one of the top schools in the Dallas area. Lots of different events will attract you and your family here along with Saturday’s farmer market.

One of the biggest problems is about the morning and afternoon commute to Dallas, but most of the Texas highways are that way nowadays.

Grapevine, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 23 miles (or 26 min)
Average rental price: $2,409
Walkability score: 30/100

This is an old historic town with an awesome downtown area and lots of recreational activities to offer to its residents and visitors.

The town itself is located between Dallas and DFW airport, so this location really makes it a hidden gem among the local suburbs. You can commute to both of those locations in around 30 minutes.

Grapevine Dallas Suburb

Grapevine has always been named the ‘Christmas capital’ of Texas. People say that maybe only the North Pole itself can compete with Grapevine. This town offers more than 1,400 fun family events, so anyone who looks for a holidays spirit during the Christmas season should visit this place!

Nice lakes and parks give local residents a chance to enjoy strolls, morning runs and get a small-town vibe on a daily basis.

Frisco, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 27 miles (or 30 min)
Average rental price: $2,418
Walkability score: 22/100

Frisco is a very fast-growing city, one of the fastest growing in America. It includes a Star Football complex and a few new malls open almost every year.

The area itself is very safe and has lots of great schools to attend, so families are welcome here.

We’d like to note that this area has a great selection of properties to rent. For example, on our platform, you’ll be able to choose out of more than 150 properties based in Frisco. Let’s face it, it’s a really rich selection, so anyone will be able to find something nice within his/her preferred price range.

This city can offer lots of Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and other eateries, lots of shopping places, malls, and shops.

We should note that the biggest struggle in this area would be the traffic and it might take some time to commute from one place to another, but it doesn’t cross out all the benefits this area can offer.

Sachse, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 27 miles (or 28 min)
Average rental price: $2,106
Walkability score: 18/100

Sachse is a pretty small town, it’s like everyone knows everyone here. The safety of this area is discussed widely since as the local residents say, you can pretty much see a cop every time you leave your house. Most of them add that they don’t mean it in a bad way and that they really like to feel completely safe due to the number of policemen in the town.

Most of the homeowners are happy since almost everyone has plenty of land at their residence. Some of them occupy this land with different kinds of animals like chickens, horses, ducks, etc. On the other hand, some of them use their land as a gardening area and make them look stunning.

The biggest inconvenience that local residents note is the fact that there is no hospital in the town, so you’ll have to drive to Dallas about 40 minutes.

Sachse’s climate changes a lot and the weather can turn from a minor storm into heavy rain pretty quickly.

Flower Mound, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 28 miles (or 38 min)
Average rental price: $2,399
Walkability score: 26/100

This area currently has lots of housing developments and can offer a lot of good rental opportunities, yet the prices are far from low.

Flower Mound is located very close to major highways that can bring you to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Downtown Dallas, Frisco, Arlington, etc. The commute time to Dallas will be around 30 minutes, but you won’t really need to leave the city to get involved in activities. The city itself can offer you different concerts, baseball games, etc.

Flower Mound Dallas Suburb

Foodies will be happy to visit local restaurants, some of them are chain and some are family-owned. Movies and theaters are also very accessible along with lots of shopping opportunities.

Two lakes and two resort hotels are in walkable access.

Colleyville, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 28 miles (or 31 min)
Average rental price: $1,043
Walkability score: 17/100

Colleyville is a bit closer to Fort Worth than to Dallas, yet both of them are pretty close. Your ride to any of these cities will take around 30+ minutes and the airport is only within 5 kilometers, so you’ll see lots of planes flying up and down.

This area has 11 parks and green zones that include full service recreational facilities and have been awarded and recognized nationally.

Colleyville is great for families and people tend to move here more and more often. The growth of the population in this city made the home prices go way up and made it pretty hard to buy a house here. However, the prices for the rental properties are pretty decent among the other Dallas Suburbs, so you should definitely consider this area for your family.

The schools here are ranked high and local residents often say that their kids get a great connection with teachers. The reason is simple, all the teachers that work in Colleyville schools live there by themselves and it helps to establish a very special relationship between kids and teachers at local schools. People here say that they have a very special community spirit that no other city has.

Prosper, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 34 miles (or 39 min)
Average rental price: $2,579
Walkability score: 35/100

If you are not planning to start a family there or ain’t got one already, it will not be really convenient for you to live in Prosper. Overall, Prosper is a great city but got no clubs and only one bar. You won’t see many activities to attend without a family.

However, Prosper is growing constantly, and investing in property here can be a great idea. As of now, the pricing for houses is good and the resale home values are going up.

Job opportunities here can be found in teaching and medical areas. One of the local high schools even offer a guaranteed job for teachers that come back from the teaching program and are ready to be hired to serve the local community

This suburb has beautiful nature along with biking and hiking trails.

Celina, TX

Driving distance from Dallas: 41 miles (or 45 min)
Average rental price: $2,594
Walkability score: 37/100

Celina is a small Texas town with a small yet strong local community. Friday nights here can be spent at the local football game at high school, so most of the activities in the town are shut down on Friday nights in support of the game.

Celina Dallas Suburb

This suburb is located between Dallas and Oklahoma, so you may consider it a good transportation hub. The local downtown area frequently hosts festivals and farmer markets. Everything you may need for cozy family life can be found at Celina.

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    Fantastic list just moved to the Dallas Fort Worth area and am looking forward to some exploration!

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