High Rise vs. Low Rise Apartments: Ultimate Comparison

What Is a High Rise Building?

There is a question that many tenants face in big cities. It’s whether they should find an apartment for rent in a high rise building or look at a low rise one instead. We know exactly what points you should consider while resolving this complex dilemma.

We’ve spoken to those who preferred living in the high rise buildings and had a few inspiring conversations with tenants that rent a low rise apartment. As a result, we’ve prepared a detailed guide for you. But first, let’s start from the basics. Do you know what a high rise building is?

Should You Rent an Apartment in a High Rise Building?

Usually, when people say ‘high rise apartment,’ they mean a rental that is located in a building with a certain height and number of stories. The definition and number of required stories for a building to be named a high rise vary from country to country. 

In the US, any building over 7 stories is considered a high rise. However, we know you mean more like a 10+ building that ends somewhere up in the skies. 

What Is a Low Rise Apartment?

On the other hand, a building can be considered low rise if it’s height is not bigger than 4 stories. Some states call them mid-rise apartments, some may call them garden apartments as well. The idea is the same.

Living in a high or low rise apartment has its pros and cons, but you’ve got to review them and decide for yourself whether this kind of lifestyle will be suitable for you. We decided to start our comparison from high rise building benefits and disadvantages.

Breathtaking Views 

First of all, it’s just impressive and inspiring. Looking at the window and seeing a large part of the city in the morning and watching the city go to sleep at night is astonishing.

Usually, people tend to live in high rise buildings to enjoy beautiful sunsets and watching the whole neighborhood from above. It’s a great feeling.

More Amenities

Typically high rise buildings have a lot to offer when it comes to different fancy amenities. Gyms, pools, laundry room, and other conveniences can be a part of your rental deal. 

More Entertainment And Business Options Around

Businesses and entertainment venues tend to work closer to high rise buildings. That’s cause they predict massive traffic of people going around there daily, so they understand how much money they can make. This results in a blossoming neighborhood where you won’t need a car to get to the cinema or a decent grocery store.

Thy’re Usually Close to the City Center

Most of the high rise buildings are located close to the city center, that’s the reason why those views are breathtaking and why so many entertainment options are available. Living near the central part of the city is excellent unless you prefer a more quiet lifestyle. 

You’ll Definitely Have an Elevator

That’s a #1 thing every high rise building installs. There are just too many floors, so you’ll always save some time getting to your story. Also, elevators help a lot when you move in and have to move lots of boxes with your stuff.

More Available Rental to Choose in the Same Building

Since there are hundreds of apartments available in the high rise building, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of units for rent. This also gives you a chance to select the view you like more and the floor you want to live on.

They Have Their Own Maintenance Teams

It’s a widespread thing to have a maintenance team that takes care of minor issues you may have in your rental. This saves a lot of time and hassle of calling a separate agency.

What Are the Selling Points of Low Rise Apartments?

Don’t think that low rise houses are not worth your attention. This is wrong and here are the key points you’ll definitely enjoy if you decide to go with a low rise apartment.

Small Houses Have More Personality and Character

It’s like every place like that has its history and soul. Since the building is quite small, people tend to care about it and have more time for renovation or improvements. This results in a memorable place that will stay in your heart forever.

Fewer Neighbors to Get Along With

When you rent a low rise apartment, you’re not stuck with hundreds of people in one building. This makes it easier for you to get along with each neighbor and know them well. 

Smaller and More Friendly Community

Knowing them well results in a very friendly atmosphere that helps tenants of this small building to create its own community. 

Calm Neighborhood

Don’t forget that low rise buildings are usually located far from the city center and, therefore, it’s a way quieter atmosphere there. These neighborhoods are calm; it’s easier to chill and relax.

Summing Things Up

We believe that choosing the right kind of rental solely depends on your lifestyle. Someone prefers a calm life in a small house. It’s very relaxing and helps you restart after a long day at work. 

However, it’s easy to understand why someone wants to live in a high rise apartment. Those views are stunning, and the amenities bring your rental experience to the whole new level. 

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