How to Stand Out in the Rental Application Process?

Many rental markets around the country are very competitive, especially in some larger cities. And, you might learn that there are tons of people who are interested in the same apartment as you. Or, maybe, one specific rental is perfect for you, and you simply must land it. 

Tenants are not always aware of how to impress a landlord while filling out their application forms. In reality, searching for an apartment is like looking for a job. The candidates do thorough research, prepare for an interview, try to present themselves in the best light, and negotiate the price. Such an approach can help you build not only a good career but also rent an awesome apartment!

Rental Application Tips

Fill out an application form as if it were your CV. It is going to be your killer “rental resume,” so do your best to include the most relevant information in it. Here are the necessary contents of a rental application checklist:

  • Your current job position
  • Your salary
  • Rental history
  • Contacts of your current employer
  • Contacts of your former landlord
  • Letters of reference
  • Pets (if any)
  • Reasons to leave the current property
  • Move-in date
  • Credit report
  • Background report
  • Renters insurance (if any)
  • Roommates (if any)
  • Cover letter

Candidates often fill out a classical rental application sample in PDF by hand. To minimize the effort and facilitate the process, tenants are welcome to apply online on Rentberry! No more papers — just type all of your data and provide your landlord with a substantial and compelling application. Your credit report and background check will be included there automatically, too.

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Creating a rental resume requires a lot of preparation. To make a good impression on your landlord, you should describe yourself as the best tenant in a cover letter. Drop a few lines about your lifestyle and say what kind of person you are. If your background is not impeccable, provide a brief explanation of why you had issues in the past and what you did to fix them.

Online rental application

Remember, landlords will be more likely to approve a rental application with references. Ask your former landlord and the current employer to recommend you as a responsible tenant and a good employee with a stable income. If you have just graduated from college, ask your housing coordinator to write a letter of reference. If you have no rental history at all, reach your employer or professor to get some personal characteristics.

Pro Tip: Want to stand out? There is a chance that a video will make your application look more creative and interesting to a landlord.

But What if You Have a Poor Credit?

There are several ways to rent with a low credit score. If you cannot boast a good credit report, find a financial guarantor with a great one. This person will be your co-signer, responsible for paying rent if you don’t do it on time. They will equally participate in the rental application process and prepare the same documents for signing an agreement, so it’s better to collect all of them beforehand.

Want to Increase the Odds of Renting Your Dream Home?

Rentberry allows tenants to raise the odds of renting their dream home by submitting a custom offer or increasing a security deposit. Money talks, so adding some dollars to the monthly rent can positively affect the landlord’s decision.

If you’ve got a pooch or a kitty, but the property is not pet-friendly, you can try providing a higher rent and security deposit, so that the landlord could choose you over the candidates with no pets. Don’t forget to include pet references in your rental resume! To find out more, read our tips on renting with pets.

Do Research on the Building and… Dress Up!

Did your rental application with references work? Congrats! But before you actually sign a rental agreement, check out the neighborhood and the building. Don’t forget to dress up for the appointment. Looks matter, just like at a job interview, so try to be presentable and sound reasonable!

Follow these tips and enjoy an easy rental application process on Rentberry. Rent your dream home quickly!

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