Increase Your Chances To Rent a Pet-Friendly Apartment

House hunting with a pet? These tips will help you make sure that your little friend is as welcome as you are!

Did you know that this nation has gone totally pet-crazy? American Pet Products Association has conducted a National Pet Owners Survey, which states that the Americans have 77,8 millions of dogs and 85,8 millions of cats who live at home. According to the latest statistics, the estimated number of pet pooches and cats is 163,6 million in this country, meaning that nearly 44% of households own at least one dog, and about 35% have at least one kitty.

When it comes to renting a property with a pet, though, things may get complicated. Many people can’t find a pet-friendly apartment quickly. When a landlord finds out you’d like to move in with your four-legged friend, it can turn out you’ve been barking up the wrong tree and haven’t got a dog’s chance of getting that home! Why is it so hard sometimes to rent a dog-friendly house? Choosing a cat-friendly apartment can be a challenge, too. Even finding a place that will accept your betta fish tank isn’t simple. Let us see the overall situation with pet rentals across the country. Let us see the overall situation with pet rentals across the country.

  • Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is the most expensive area for renting apartments with pets. Pet rentals, fees and deposits are really costly there.

  • Dallas

Dallas is the most pet-friendly area with the highest number of rental listings, which are likely to let your little friend in.

  • San Francisco

San Francisco can boast about being the most pet-friendly metro!

  • San Diego

In San Diego, you will find the largest number of pet stores and get all possible pet services.

Of course, even in the most pet-friendly city in the country, renting a new home for you and your pet may not be easy. Keep on reading this article to find out how to increase your chances on a successful deal with a landlord!

Try Walking in Your Landlord’s Shoes

Try to understand why landlords may prefer tenants without pets. What does a pet-friendly apartment mean to a typical homeowner? Firstly, it implies the risk of a possible property damage. Fear takes molehills for mountains, especially, if some previous negative experience was involved. Landlords may have dealt with irresponsible people, who neglected the rules of keeping their pets in a household: did not protect carpets from destruction, left broken pieces of furniture, when they moved out etc. And if you mention that you’ve got a big pooch, your landlord might imagine King Kong’s tracks on a newly-installed hardwood floor. So it is crucial to prove that you are a responsible pet owner, who shares their concerns about cleanliness and safety.

Man in a pet-friendly apartment for rent

How to Prove You’re a Good Pet Owner

Tip # 1. Collect Positive Testimonials to Prove You’re Responsible

Don’t be lazy to give a few phone calls to your former landlords and ask them to give a written testimonial. It will be great, if they mention, how conscientious and accurate you are as a pet owner.

You can also attach a written verification that your pooch has successfully completed a special training class, or is attending one at the moment.

Your application will be even more convincing if you supply the proof that your pet has been given a proper and timely medical care (was neutered, vaccinated etc.) A letter from your veterinarian can play a major role in renting your “dream home” with a furry friend!

Tip # 2. Make a Detailed Pet Resume

When you send applications to the apartments that are pet-friendly, there is always some competition behind. So you should create the most positive impression on the landlord. Making a comprehensive pet resume will not only show your animal in the best light, but it will also create a positive impression of yourself. Your landlord will take into account the fact that you’ve put some effort into making a resume, and will be more likely to consider you a responsible pet owner.

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You can make a quality resume for your pet with one of the following resources:

Here you will find useful tips on writing a good pet resume. Follow the recommendations to list your pet’s breed traits, positive examples of behavior, cleanliness, activity level etc.

You can create a very detailed pet resume on this website. Choose a nice photo, make a description, mention training, activities, health/grooming and attach some references.

Tip # 3. Make a Custom Offer and Increase Your Security Deposit

If you have come across your dream property, but its pet policy doesn’t allow any animals, don’t be sad. You might still have a chance to rent the home you like!

There are some unique options on Rentberry, which will help you increase the odds of moving in with your four-legged friend. You can make a favorable custom offer to your landlord on our website and/or raise a security deposit, which will definitely improve your chances to win!


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  2. Pam Smith says:

    I had no idea that I can create a pet resume. How weird is that! But it really works, thank you for the tip!

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