The Most Pet-Friendly Cities in the US

If you are anything like 85 million Americans, you can’t resist the idea of sharing your home with a four-legged friend. Those fluffy balls keep the superpower of making any place cozy and warm. So, there is no wonder why more than half of households in the country have at least one pet. Let’s face it: life is never boring when you live with a little (or even big) furry friend. But the sad truth is that pet ownership is not hassle-free. Especially if you are a tenant.

Statistics don’t lie, and they tell us that each year, 6.5 million pets arrive at animal shelters. The major reason for that is landlord-related issues. Millions of animals lose their home due to the rental policies of homeowners. Here at Rentberry, we believe that housing and rental issues should never cost pets their home. That is why we researched a list of the ten most pet-friendly cities in the US.

It is worth saying that such lists are not easy to complete. There are plenty of factors that should be taken into consideration, and they range from the percentage of landlords allowing pets to the concentration of pet stores to the size of the pet deposit. Given this, the rating might be unpredictable. Ready to discover the leaders?

San Diego, CA

This sunny spot in California made a list due to the large number of pet services and stores it has. San Diego is brimming with dog parks, which is an obvious advantage for any canine owner. What’s more, this is the closest place to Loews Coronado Bay, where the annual surf dog competition takes place. So, if your dog is seriously into surfing, you should consider San Diego as your next place to settle in.

Average rent in San Diego: $5,228/mo
Average pet deposit: $132

Dallas, TX

According to locals, there are plenty of things to do with your pet in Dallas. Although Dallas is a pet-friendly city, some neighborhoods seem to welcome dogs more than others. Oak Lawn, Uptown, Downtown, and Lakewood are ranked especially high for their pet-friendliness. Given that the rent in Dallas is more affordable than in the majority of American cities, you can enjoy the freedom of living in any neighborhood you like.

Average rent in Dallas: $2,882/mo
Average pet deposit: $288

New York is a dog-friendly city

New York City, NY

If you don’t think that New York is pet-friendly, dedicate a minute of your time to googling local restaurants, shops, and cafes that welcome pets. Chances are that you’ll be taken aback by the variety of options. Although the cost of rent and a distinct lack of space make it hard to own a Mastiff or St. Bernard in the city, small dogs and cats are more than welcome. What’s more, you’ll be surprised to see that the ratio of Labradoodles to people on the streets of NYC is close to 1:1! Given the highly developed pet-oriented infrastructure, we have no choice but to put New York on the list.

Average rent in New York: $6,035/mo
Average pet deposit: $30

St. Louis, MO

The heart of the Midwest is a great place to live with a furry friend. Not only will St. Louis surprise you with its low rental prices, but it will also be an excellent location if you are planning to share your home with a pet. The city has dozens of dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants, walkable areas, and attractions that allow you to bring a canine with you. The list of pet-friendly entertainment spots includes but is not limited to Six Flags, St. Louis Walk of Fame, and Laumeier Sculpture Park.

Average rent in St. Louis: $2,825/mo
Average pet deposit: $130

Chicago, IL

Locals in Chicago would agree that their city deserves to be called pet-friendly. Most bars and restaurants leave big bowls of water outside so dogs on a walk can stop and drink. And don’t forget about Chicago’s Montrose Dog Beach. This place itself is enough reason to grab your bags, your dog, and move to Illinois. There are up to 20 off-leash dog parks in the city, so you and your pooch won’t be bored by walking to the same places over and over again.

Average rent in Chicago: $2,813/mo
Average pet deposit: $119

Portland, OR

If you’ve been searching for a city with the largest number of dog parks, it’s time to have a sign of relief. Portland has 33 dog parks, which is more than any other big city in the country. What’s more, Portland is a home for traditional meetups like Pug Crawl and Pit Bull Parade, both of which are great reasons for like-minded people to gather and have fun. What’s more, it is the 12th most walkable big city in the country, so you’ll have a variety of walking routes to choose from.

Average rent in Portland: $3,296/mo
Average pet deposit: $247

Oakland, CA

Dog-loving residents of Oakland have all they might need. This place is full of dog-friendly restaurants and bars, it is home to five play areas for off-leash walks and dozens of open-space trails. So, if you are a big fan of spending time outdoors with your favorite four-legged friend, you will sure like Joaquin Miller Park, Redwood Regional Park, and King Estates Open Space Park.

Average rent in Oakland: $3,387/mo
Average pet deposit: $146

Denver is a pet-friendly city

Denver, CO

According to a local website, Denver is home to many pet-friendly destinations and activities. When in Denver, you and your fluffy friend will have a chance to enjoy outdoor activities at Railyard Dog Park, Fuller Dog Park, Barkley Lake Dog Park, and many others. What’s more, there are dozens of restaurants, patios, and bars that welcome pets just as much as their owners.

Average rent in Denver: $2,067/mo
Average pet deposit: $219

Austin, TX

Here comes another city in Texas, which is considered one of the best cities for dogs (and their owners!). Austin offers many restaurants and bars where you go with your furry friend, especially on Rainey Street and the 2nd Street District. People in Austin are bats about their pets — this city has the largest number of dog-friendly shopping malls in the US, 28. Also, here, you can find many dog-oriented activities, such as Austin Doga, where you can enjoy yoga with your furry friend.

Average rent in Austin: $3,017/mo
Average pet deposit: $288

Seattle, WA

If a place of dog obsession even exists, its geographical coordinates match the ones of Seattle. Believe it or not, but locals here have more dogs than children. According to the data from Seattle Animal Shelter and the US Census Bureau, the city is home to approximately 153,000 dogs and 107,178 kids. Apart from dog-friendly hotels and restaurants almost any American city can boast of, Seattle has dog-friendly Kayak, Canoe, and Paddleboard rentals. Not even to mention dog-friendly cruises on Elliot Bay.

Average rent in Seattle: $4,413/mo
Average pet deposit: $266

San Francisco, CA

When both statistics and common sense name San Francisco the nation’s pet-friendliest city, it gets hard to argue. With more than 50 dog meetup groups, 27 dog parks, 174 dog-friendly restaurants, and pet-friendly trolley cars and ferries, this city deserves to top the list. What’s more, San Francisco is considered the second most walkable city in the US, which makes it fun and joy to own a dog here.

Average rent in San Francisco: $5,142/mo
Average pet deposit: $57

Pet-Friendly Landlords vs. Pet-Friendly Cities

Pet ownership comes with love and fun but also with responsibility. When you have a four-legged friend dependent on you, your choices of where to live and how to spend your time in the city might be somehow limited. But there is one trick: the more pet-friendly your city is, the fewer limits you’ll notice.

If you are not confined to a particular location because of a family or a job, consider searching for rent in one of the most pet-friendly cities in America. If you are tied down and forced to rent in your current city, we still can help. Take advantage of our article on how to increase your chances of renting a pet-friendly apartment. It’s only 5 minutes read but can make a world of difference to your entire rental experience!

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  1. Pete Finger says:

    I disagree with Chicago. I live in Edgewater and the closest place that I have found that allows dogs is 3-1/2 miles away. A year ago, I was trying to find a restaurant to take my dog to in the Wrigleyville area and, despite having a ton of outdoor restaurants, none would let my dog into their patios – we ended up ordering in. Dog friendly must include things other than dog parks, because some of us need to take our dog with us when we are out and about.

  2. Laura Dorman says:

    What a resource! I’ve been wanting to move out of my area for a while, but just assumed that I’d have to buy because I have a small dog. And I’ve been reluctant to even travel to a different city because I just don’t want to leave my dog with a boarder while I’m away.

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