It’s on The House: How to Find a Utilities Included Rental

Renting an apartment with all bills included may seem more manageable for you as a tenant, but first, we recommend you considering all the pros and cons of this idea.

We’ve prepared an extensive review of this renting option, so you could make an informed decision before signing the final rental agreement.

Understanding a ‘Utilities Included Apartment’

Some rental agreements may explicitly state that the landlord is obligated to take care of the utility bills for you. In these situations, you just have to pay a fixed amount of money for the energy, water, and heating you consume as a tenant. So when you review the rooms for rent in Queens with utilities included, you’ll see the final monthly rent price. Fair and square deal.

When you rent an apartment are utilities included, your rent payment amount is fixed, it’s your landlord’s headache to take care of the bills. Unfortunately, nowadays, it takes time to find a landlord who wants to deal with included utility bills. However, most of the biggest American cities have dozens of rentals to choose from.

What Utilities Are Included in Apartments

Usually, landlords tend to include all the utilities in the final monthly rent bill. When you browse the rooms for rent in Brooklyn, for example, you’ll see that landlords there sometimes do not include the cable services. Among the essentials that are covered:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Garbage Pick-up
  • Telephone
  • Cable Services

Also, if you’re living in a condo, you may need to pay additional Homeowner Association (HOA) fees.

Before you start your search, let’s discuss the pros and cons of this rental approach. Will it actually work for you? Will it be profitable for you or your landlord?


The benefits of utilities included agreements are quite obvious, and the essential idea of this approach is all about taking the hassle and paperwork out of your renting experience.

  • No additional payments for utilities required

Your monthly payment is the same every month. You can even set up automatic payments from your account and forget about it. You won’t have to calculate how much heat you consume or how much water you wasted this month. The rent payment always remains the same.

  • You’re not dealing with the paperwork

Your landlord takes care of it. You send your rent payment and waste your time on something more important; the bills will be paid without your involvement.

  • No bad credit score issues

Whenever you decide to sign up a deal with a new utility company, they’ll take a look at your credit score. Those who wonder how to rent with a low credit score will definitely enjoy this renting option. Utility companies deal with your landlord and only his credit score matters here.

  • No surprising letters from utility bill companies

You shouldn’t care if the weather in your city was extremely cold and the heating company decided to charge you more. It’s not your headache anymore. The deal is signed, the amount is fixed. It’s a landlord’s problem.

  • Set your thermostat according to your needs, no budget cuts

Only your heating preferences matter now. You don’t have to worry about the bigger bill this month, just make it as hot as needed to feel comfortable.


  • Utilities included apartments tend to be more expensive

Landlords are not fools, and that’s fair. They may fix the price at the peak number. This means that you may pay way more sometimes. But that’s the double-edged sword, and there will be months where you’ll pay less than you would without the bills included. For example, apartments for rent in Jersey City with bills included can be pricey, and the profit isn’t obvious at all.

  • Some landlords won’t let you control the thermostat

Unfortunately, some landlords may set the thermostat at one position and forbid touching it at all. So this may result in a pretty uncomfortable experience.

  • You’re not building your credit

Building your credit score is crucial nowadays. In case you don’t deal with monthly payments for your utility bills, you’re not working on your credit score.

How to Find Apartments for Rent Near Me with Utilities Included

Our platform allows any tenant in search of additional amenities that go with the rental agreement, to filter out apartments with utilities included.

Learn How to Use Custom Filters While Apartment Hunting

Let’s say I’m a tenant who’s in search of the cheap apartments for rent with utilities included near me. My first step will be going to the search page, choosing the ‘Utilities Included’ filter and reviewing the options available in my city.

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