2020 in Review: Rentberry in a Nutshell

We don’t have to remind you how crazy the previous year has been! For each of us, the real estate industry, and the whole world in general. Nevertheless, our team has worked tirelessly throughout the entire year to accomplish our goals, release new outstanding features, and keep improving for our users!

Here we’re happy to present some of our 2020 wins and yearly statistics, so keep reading to check out Rentberry’s year in review!

2020 in Numbers

Let’s start with some hard data, such as changes in the numbers of new users, the number of tenant screenings run via Rentberry this year, apartment tours scheduled through our platform, and the number of applications sent to the landlords.

Please keep in mind that the following numbers are calculated in comparison to the previous year.

New Users: +450%

Tenants Screened: +71%

Tours Scheduled: +111%

Applies for Listings: +40%

And, finally, the number we’re so proud of, which would not be possible to achieve without our amazing landlords and partners from all over the world:

3,500,000+ Listings Worldwide!

Top-10 Search Locations

Wonder what the most popular search locations on Rentberry were in 2020? Here they are! This is the list of the top cities our users typed into the Rentberry search bar while hunting for their perfect new home.

1. Seoul, South Korea

2. Berlin, Germany

3. New York, NY

4. Frankfurt, Germany

5. London, UK

6. Dublin, Ireland

7. Vienna, Austria

8. Warsaw, Poland

9. Dallas, TX

10. Munich, Germany

It is thrilling for us to see locations from all over the world on this list, as Rentberry entered Europe only in April of 2019. And, of course, the cherry on top is Seoul, which became the number one search request of 2020 on Rentberry!

Top-10 Locations: Pet-Friendly Searches

Let’s admit it, our furry companions made staying home in 2020 way more enjoyable and wholesome. For this reason, we created a list of the cities in which our users searched for pet-friendly accommodations the most. As you can see, from Europe to Australia to Canada – pet lovers are all over the world!

Top-10 Locations: Student Housing

Many universities had to switch to online learning due to the pandemic. But this predicament didn’t stop students around the globe from locating their ideal student accommodations. Here you can see the top-10 of places where users were hunting for rooms, dorms, and student-friendly apartments with the help of Rentberry.

Top-10 Locations: Furnished Listings

We all know, when it comes to furnished vs. unfurnished places, it is all customary and depends on the country where you’ll be looking for a house. That’s probably why here you won’t find any listings from the US. Instead, there are a lot of Australian and German cities where Rentberry users were hoping to find an amazing, fully-furnished home.

Top-10 Most Read Articles on our Blog

Rentberry is not only about listings and locations! We are here for you through each step of your rental adventure, from searching for a place to eSigning the lease to even buying renters insurance. On top of all that, our team makes sure to create comprehensive and well-researched articles to help renters navigate the many perplexities of the real estate world. Here are the articles that the readers of Rentberry’s blog found the most useful in 2020:

  1. Three Types of Annoying Neighbors and What to Do About Each One
  2. Tenant Rights When Rental Property is Put Up On Sale
  3. Renting Apartments with Low Income [Or No Income At All]
  4. 7 Cities Worth Pursuing a Music Career in
  5. Ultimate List of Tips to Avoid Being Scammed When Apartment Hunting
  6. How to Stand Out in the Rental Application Process?
  7. How to Find Housing for a Person with Disabilities
  8. Best Places to Rent Near New York City
  9. Best Places to Rent Near Los Angeles
  10. Best Places to Live: Which Cities are Best for Software Engineers?

And, finally, we want to thank each and every one of you for being with Rentberry this year. Whether you were a tenant, landlord, partner, investor, or even a competitor — we’re grateful we could work side by side with you in 2020.

The entire Rentberry team wishes you all a happy, healthy, and successful 2021!

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