Market Spotlight: Suburbs to Live and Rent near Boston

When we talk about the Boston area, keep in mind that local suburbs are usually among the country’s most desirable areas to live. The main reason for this popularity is the outstanding amenities that this place can offer to its residents.

The first thing many people think of talking about Boston is the local educational institutions — they’re simply outstanding. From a large variety of excellent public and private schools to worldwide known universities — well-educated locals make this region very attractive to big companies. This massive surge of tech companies and big enterprises helped transform Boston and its suburbs into a truly striving area.

The transportation system in the Boston region ensures a simplified commute between the local suburbs and the big city. A few years ago, MBTA was ranked number two among public transit systems in the US. Also, the Boston metro area was named the best city for commuting via public transportation. All this means you can save money on renting and still make it to the office in a reasonable time. 

Are you convinced that living in the Boston suburbs is a good decision yet? Let’s have a look at our list of places to rent a home near Boston and enjoy your life near the Hub.


Distance to Boston: 4 miles (or 9 minutes)
Average rental price: $3,079
Median property value: $933,200
Walkability score: 81/100

Brookline was ranked as one of the best suburbs in America for a few years in a row. The city is very safe, has outstanding schools for children, and everything a person might need for a comfortable life. Also, each part of Brookline has a different feel, so you can find an area perfect for young professionals or settle among older and wealthier city residents.

As you could have guessed, such idyllic life comes with a price tag — Brookline is the most expensive option on our list. However, the overall quality of living here is worth it.

Brookline is also known as the birthplace of John Kennedy, an iconic town where the 43rd president grew up. Now, decades later, it has become a fantastic city where young professionals can live and prosper. Boston is a few miles away, and you can commute to your office within 10 minutes or even less. What’s more, being this close to the city, Brookline is great for those who like to go out and party at Boston’s clubs or bars.


Driving distance to Boston: 3 miles (or 8 minutes)
Average rental price: $3,319
Median property value: $768,300
Walkability score: 90/100

Welcome to the home of the greatest US colleges, such as Harvard, MIT, and Lesley. Since these institutions attract thousands of students annually, the city is quite diverse and can really be named a world-class educational center. This is a wonderful place where students develop their minds and set free their creativity. But, although students make up a large part of Cambridge’s population, this city is not your ordinary college town.

apartments for rent in cambridge

Full of energy and opportunities, Cambridge itself has a great job market, and close proximity to Boston makes it an excellent place to find a job, no matter the field of your expertise. Also, it’s a great place to raise children, as primary and secondary schools here are remarkable, and the overall vibe of the town is very family-friendly.

Add to this a farmers’ market and a couple of seasonal markets, a vast network of bike paths, and a pretty low crime rate, and you can see why so many residents are happy to call home this Boston suburb. The biggest downside of Cambridge is the cost of living. Houses here are not that affordable, yet those who have a chance to move to this city usually never leave.


Driving distance to Boston: 3 miles (or 6 minutes)
Average rental price: $2,539
Median property value: $664,700
Walkability score: 89/100

If you’re looking for a vibrant place to live in a welcoming and friendly local community, Somerville is your best bet. Having 81,045 residents, the city preserves a small-town feel but offers a great number of places to go and things to do.

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You should consider moving to this eclectic Boston suburb if community events, flea markets, and offbeat cafes play an essential role in your life. Since Boston is only 3 miles away, you can take a bike ride there to get to work. However, the Red Line is so accessible that you won’t really need to worry about how you’ll get there. And, if you like walking, you’ll be happy to know that you can get anywhere on foot —  Somerville is compact and extremely walkable.


Driving distance to Boston: 8 miles (or 12 minutes)
Average rental price: $2,827
Median property value: $642,200
Walkability score: 64/100

Right behind Somerville and Cambridge lies the charming town of Arlington. This place is usually named among the top suburbs of the Boston area, along with Brookline. But, it has a slightly more suburban feel if you compare it to the towns we mentioned on our list before.

apartments for rent in arlington

Arlington would be a great place to live for anyone who is looking for a quiet life for themselves and their family. First of all, this Boston suburb is extremely family-friendly and has everything you might need for a comfortable everyday life. Arlington has lots of parks, green areas, and a beautiful Mystic Lake area. Also, here you can experience a close-knit community that is much harder to find in bigger towns. 

Are there any cons? Although this suburb has some good restaurants, many residents choose to go to nearby Cambridge for a fun night out. But, if you are looking for a peaceful place to raise your family, the lack of nightclubs will actually be an advantage!


Driving distance to Boston: 15 miles (or 20 minutes)
Average rental price: $2,534
Median property value: $889,700
Walkability score: 33/100

This is one of the greatest Boston suburbs to settle down with small kids and raise a family. Lexington is a peaceful textbook town that allows children to grow in a friendly atmosphere with a top-notch public education system and a very low crime rate. For example, Lexington High has ranked #5 among Boston area high schools and #7 high school in the state. 

Just like many other top suburbs around Boston, Lexington is quite pricey, which is the main concern of most town residents. Also, you should keep in mind that there is no public transportation from Lexington to Boston, so you should count on getting to the city by car.


Driving distance to Boston: 9 miles (or 14 minutes)
Average rental price: $2,490
Median property value: $559,700
Walkability score: 76/100

West of Boston is located Watertown, a clean town where hip millennials live side by side with older residents. Some choose it because of the convenient commute options and easy access to Boston. Others favor local restaurants, small businesses, and beautiful nature. While Watertown is small, you will find plenty of things to do here and enjoy great stores and restaurants. 

The community here is friendly and diverse. In fact, many residents admit that Watertown is one of the most inclusive communities in Massachusetts.


Driving distance to Boston: 10 miles (or 14 minutes)
Average rental price: $2,468
Median property value: $428,600
Walkability score: 63/100

This is your best pick in case you look for a lower cost of living around Boston. You will be able to save some money on renting in Quincy, but at the same time, have a chance to commute to Boston within 10-15 minutes. The transportation system in the whole region is fantastic, so you can just catch a bus or a train and get anywhere you need.

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Grocery and wholesale stores, along with the South Shore Mall, will ensure you always have a place to go shopping. This Boston suburb has lots of beautiful apartment complexes and houses for rent. Also, Quincy still keeps growing, developing, and changing for the better — those who have lived here for the past decades admit that it has only become more diverse and modern. Big companies are coming here to build luxury apartments and shopping centers; gentrification is slowly gaining momentum.

As you can see, anyone can find a perfect suburb near Boston, no matter your wants and needs. Some places might be better for families, while others are more suitable for having a fun lifestyle. There is one thing many towns in Massachusetts have in common, and it’s the high cost of living and real estate.

But, by paying this price, you can enjoy one of the most amazing areas to live in the entire country! And, if you need to find a rental in Massachusetts that will fit your budget, make sure to check what we’ve got for you on Rentberry!

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