Rentberry’s Picks: Great Places to Rent in London

London is truly a city where anyone can find what they want. It can be extraordinarily posh and affluent or vibrant, quirky, and unconventional. Of course, a lot depends on the place where you choose to live — the experience will vary for two people living in different districts. 

That’s why we decided to pinpoint some excellent places to live in the capital of the UK. No matter if you’re going to buy or rent an apartment in London, if you’re a young professional or going to retire with your family. Here you can find an area just for you!


Just a few decades ago, Brixton had a pretty lousy reputation. But times change, and so did Brixton. Now it’s best known for its great international cuisine, street food spots, nightclubs, and endless festivals. Also, Brixton will be an excellent choice for families, as there are many schools and kindergartens. The prices for property in Brixton have been gradually rising throughout the past year, but right now, it is still a fairly good deal compared to other parts of London. 

Located in the Lambeth borough, this district is close to central London. But, if you prefer public transportation to long walks, you’ll be surprised by how well Brixton is connected to other London districts by underground and buses.

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Bethnal Green

Searching for a place away from crowded touristy streets but still close to where the action is? Take a closer look at Bethnal Green, located in East London. Some might say that Bethnal Green is one of a few places where you can still see what real London looks like. 

It is a multicultural and energetic district that currently struggles with gentrification. That’s why the prices for real estate in Bethnal Green are still affordable, especially knowing how close it is to the City. Recently this district has been one of the favorites of young professionals and many working families with kids. All thanks to good restaurants, close proximity to the very heart of London (short commute time!), and reasonable cost of living.

hampstead is one of the best places to live in london


Do you have some money to spend and prefer some refined and quiet spots away from the hassle of a big city? Check out bohemian and peaceful Hampstead! Here some famous actors live alongside long-term locals, young artists, and richer expats. 

In this district prevails the atmosphere of a smaller town — lots of greenery, beautiful brick mansions, and friendly, laid-back people. Also, Hampstead can boast some great farmers’ markets, cafes with vegan food, and trendy coffee shops. As you could have guessed, this comes at a price of higher rent, as well as overall costs of living. 


If you’re looking for a district where you feel at home, Clapham might be one of the top places to live in London, no matter where you come from. Situated in South London, Clapham welcomes everyone — from young students to families with children and older residents. It is truly versatile and can accommodate any needs and expectations — from fabulous parks to walking with dogs and spending family weekends to little hidden restaurants and some excellent shopping spots. What’s more, all these groups of people mingle together perfectly, creating a fantastic community. 

Some areas of Clapham can be quite pricey, but it is also possible to find cheaper spots — it all depends on your requirements and money situation. 

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Up in the Northern part of London, you’ll find Islington — a mecca for all aficionados of Georgian houses and Victorian villas. There are plenty of things within reach, and you can even get by foot to the City, although it might take a bit of time. However, you might never want to leave Islington for something else, as this neat borough offers all kinds of restaurants and cafes for any budget and cuisine preferences, many supermarkets, parks, cinemas, and theaters. 

These are just a few ideas for you to consider when choosing a place to live in London. Let us know in the comments what you think, and if there are other boroughs we should add to the list!

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