Millennial Beacon: Best Cities to Live, Love and Create

Every time we mention millennials in our articles, we know for sure that someone can get annoyed with this term by now. However, this generation is kind of a big deal and we can explain why.

What Makes Millennials So Special?

Being millennials myself, I can say for sure that we don’t really care about the typical ‘American dream’ along with the car, corner office and a mortgage by 30. We have this entrepreneurial spirit that keeps us motivated to create. We’re here to work hard on our career, yet we want to do it on our terms.

Typical millennial cares about his/her own freedom. He/she cares about the job opportunities in the area and requires the government of the state, city and country to care about the infrastructure, social benefits, wealthiness of the citizens, possibilities to conduct business with ease.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve made a deep research to make a list of the best places to live for millennials in 2021. We know that some of you may have considered the immigration or becoming a freelancer with no permanent home. That’s why our today’s list covers the whole world!

Berlin, Germany

Average rent in Berlin: € 823

With the Brexit process being launched this year, Berlin’s competition with London is coming to an end. Berlin is becoming the most attractive city for startups and IT companies in Europe. There are several reasons for that.

Apartments for rent in Berlin

  • Low cost of living
  • Vibrant and creative culture
  • Diverse population that includes dozens of ethnic groups
  • Huge pool of talents and expertise
  • etc.

When you start a business in Berlin, you know for sure that the financial part of your project will be okay and you’ll be fully supported by the government.

Note that they even made it easy for professionals to move to Germany with their latest ruling. Now local companies will have less paperwork to prepare and won’t have to prove the government that they couldn’t find the same professional among their citizens. This is a major step that allows foreigners to enter the country and start working right away. So you just get yourself an invitation from a prospective startup and start hunting for the studio apartment in Berlin to rent.

The city itself has a lot of attractions, entertainment and simply everything a young person needs. The nightlife of Berlin is also well known in the world and millions of tourists come here to experience a night in Berghain.

Add all the social benefits and great quality of life that Berlin offers and you’ll get the best city for millennials and young professionals today.

Melbourne, Australia

Average rent in Melbourne: $1,060

Melbourne has been named one of the most liveable cities in the worlds for the last few years. That’s because the cost of living here is quite great comparing to the sums that locals have to waste on their rent, food and entertainment.

According to the statistics, Melbourne citizens waste less than 30% of their income on rent.

Apartments for rent in Melbourne

People tend to say that by the year 2030 Melbourne will become larger than Sydney. Young professionals seek a higher quality of life and this city can offer a lot.

Having a rich ecosystem for startups, Melbourne invests in a bright future of their economics by supporting great IT projects and creating more and more job opportunities for smart millennials annually.

London, United Kingdom

Average rent in London: £1,343

While some reports state that millennials started to leave London because of the high rent prices, this city will still remain one of the largest entrepreneurial hubs in the world.

Apartments for rent in London

This is still the city where the ‘Startup Angels’ are making more investments than ever before. The number of IT companies operating in the UK is still on the rise and London will remain a great city to make money these days.

Despite the positive trends being stable, you still have to take the Brexit into consideration and remember that the end of the EU relationships can hurt some of the local companies. So make sure you choose your job wisely, and you’ll be totally okay in the capital of England.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Average rent in Amsterdam: €721

Amsterdam is well-known for its LGBT-friendliness, marijuana legalization and it’s affinity with technology. The average citizen here usually has an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to create.

Apartments for rent in Amsterdam

The rent market is not too pricey, so any young professional will be able to find a decent flat for less than a thousand euros. There are hundreds of positions opening in local startups and IT companies on a monthly basis.

Living in Amsterdam will work for you if you enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with a hipster-ish vibe.

Barcelona, Spain

Average rent in Barcelona: €578

The city that offers a great balance between a life quality and lots of master and postgraduate study options. This makes Barcelona one of the most popular destinations for millennials that want to settle down in some exotic city with a great climate and fun lifestyle.

Barcelona’s startup environment can surprise you with a wide range of positions in the tech field. No wonder companies like Nestle, Volkswagen and other big brands decided to choose Barcelona as their new digital innovation centers location.

The rent here is cheaper than in Amsterdam, yet it would be a crime to say that life is less fun here!

New York City, USA

Average rent in New York: $4,301

The Big Apple seems to be the city that will always be the most popular among the youngsters. The city that never sleeps and the land of opportunities. Let’s face it, NYC is the stronghold of millennials, the most successful businesses are born here.

Apartments for rent in New York

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to to make it in New York. However, if you manage to live and prosper in NYC, you’re on top of the world.

Major problem of the city will always be the rent pricing. Even the smallest apartment will cost 3 and 4 times more than in other American cities. Learn all the apartment hunting tricks to make sure you know how to find a hidden gem among the New York apartment listings.

Austin, USA

Average rent in Austin: $2,096

We’ve already highlighted the growth and development of Austin. This city is slowly becoming the new Silicon Valley, while the real one is facing the rent price crisis.

Apartments for rent in Austin

Every year, more and more tech companies start their startup journey in Austin. Make sure you hop in while it’s not too late. Starting your business in America? Austin is still one of the best options considering the rent price and cost of living!

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