Best Places to Rent Near Los Angeles

If you’ve been living in Los Angeles for quite a while, you’ll agree that this city is amazing yet not for everyone. Although its major nickname is the city of angels, it actually has some down-to-earth problems. Among them are heavy traffic (the really heavy one), a high cost of living (it is California, what did you expect?), and smog (day in and day out). For these and some other reasons, a lot of people choose to leave LA for the sake of more affordable prices, fresh air, and close-knit vibes.

But what if your heart belongs to California or you’ve got social and/or professional ties that won’t let you leave the city for good? No need to worry, the situation is not hopeless. You don’t have to live in the heart of LA to enjoy all the perks this large metro area has to offer. For example, when it comes to job opportunities, many of us only need a good internet provider and a laptop to organize our workflow.

There are plenty of nice cities near Los Angeles, and relocation to one of them can make you healthier and happier. To save your time and effort, we’ve made thorough research and rounded up the list of best places to live near Los Angeles. There are seven cities that seem to be especially good in terms of affordability, walkability, and proximity to LA.

The legwork is done, now is your turn. Take a look, take a pick, and make your big move!

Glendale, CA

Driving distance from LA: 9 miles or 11 min
Median rental price: $3,064/mo
Walkability score: 69 out of 100

A couple of years ago, Glendale was named the top suburb of Los Angeles. Located in close proximity to LA and its most up-and-coming areas such as Eagle Rock, Atwater Village, and Glassell Park, Glendale is a wonderful alternative to Los Angeles. Local walkability score is one of the highest in the region, rental prices are more affordable than in LA, let alone the fact that this place is considered the county’s environmental rock star (Glendale has got its own Tree Ordinance). But most importantly, it’s less than 15 minutes ride to LA, which means you can get all the perks of living in Glendale without the need to give up your business and social life of LA.

Pasadena, CA

Driving distance from LA: 10 miles or 13 min
Median rental price: $3,189/mo
Walkability score: 66 out of 100

Those who falsely believe that Pasadena is just another suburb of LA should change their minds immediately. While it is true that this place feels like a typical resort town, it is also true that it’s got plenty of things to see and to do. Pasadena is filled with historical charm you won’t find elsewhere around LA county. Pasadena is a good choice for those who are looking for a laid-back lifestyle but are not ready to give up on entertainment and cultural activities altogether.

Torrance, CA

Driving distance from LA: 20 miles or 24 min
Median rental price: $2,403/mo
Walkability score: 64 out of 100

If you’re looking for the best place to find apartments near Los Angeles, choose Rentberry. If you’re choosing among the best places for rent near Los Angeles, take a look at Torrance, CA. Located only 20 miles away from Los Angeles, Torrance is home to 145,438 people. Since local crime rates are exceptionally low, Torrance is regularly ranked among the safest places to live in LA County. The city of 30 parks and beautiful beaches, it deserves the title of one of the best and cheap places to rent near Los Angeles.

Long Beach, CA

Long Beach as alternative to LA

Driving distance from LA: 24 miles or 26 min
Median rental price: $2,663/mo
Walkability score: 70 out of 100

Located in the very heart of Southern California, Long Beach is yet another great alternative to busy Los Angeles. Shipping and oil extraction have always been the backbone of Long Beach’s economy, but the place is more than just that. Although the Port of Long Beach is the second-busiest one in the country, it is not what defines the city. Delicious food, white-sand beaches, as well as close-knit vibes of a relatively small town make Long Beach an amazing place to live in. Additionally, local rental prices are more affordable than in the majority of cities in California, which makes Long Beach one of the best places to rent near Los Angeles.

Santa Monica, CA

Driving distance from LA: 16 miles or 18 min
Median rental price: $5,835/mo
Walkability score: 83 out of 100

If you hate traffic jams in LA and want to have more time freed up for things that you love, consider moving to Santa Monica, CA. Don’t be frightened by the fact that this city has many times been called the capital of stress and anxiety. Back in 2014, Santa Monica received a $1 million grant designed to boost the city’s happiness level. No matter whether or not the grant helped, one thing remains clear: local fund reserve exceeds the one of LA, local streets are not that crowded as in the city of angels (the population of Santa Monica is only 89,736 people), local culture is just as vibrant and diverse but not as crazy and provoking as in LA). Santa Monica, we’re coming!

Malibu, CA

Driving distance from LA: 33 miles or 39 min
Median rental price: $23,394/mo
Walkability score: not defined =(

If it’s always been your dream to live in a small town facing the ocean, Malibu is exactly where you should move to. Home to America’s most picturesque hiking trails, amazing beaches, and breathtaking views, Malibu is an amazing place for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Living here means being a part of a close-knit community and enjoying the perks of a slow life. Malibu is not on the list of best places to rent near Los Angeles because the local rental prices are among the highest in the state. However, you clearly see what you pay for.

Chino, CA

Driving distance from LA: 34 miles or 32 min
Median rental price: $2,229/mo
Walkability score: 43 out of 100

Located in the heart of Great Los Angeles region, Chino is home to 85,595 people. This city is commonly considered a good alternative to Los Angeles due to its affordable rental prices and close proximity to LA. This city has a rich agricultural history, which explains the local motto: “Where Everything Grows.” However, today’s Chino is more than just an agricultural hub. Nowadays, it is a well-established residential area with comprehensive commercial presence. The city boasts ample opportunities for education, culture, and recreation. A good choice for a Californian soul that is tired of Los Angeles.

Big city life surely has its advantages, but it might be both expensive and exhausting. If you feel like having a break from daily traffic jams and classic rush of a megapolis, consider ditching LA for one of the seven cities from our list. Chances are good that you won’t regret it.


  1. James says:

    Is this a joke? You can easily find 1 bedrooms in LA for $1500. These are Santa Monica prices and Beverly Hills prices.

  2. Cherie Jones says:

    Your suggestions for Los Angeles nearby rentals are still pretty high. How about section 8 rentals in the areas you mentioned? I think if you would also add affordable housing options in the same cities that were mentioned. That would be great. Include everyone! Thanks

  3. Cynthia Rene Brown says:

    These rents are still not affordable for the average person living in Los Angeles.

  4. Inesa says:

    It very nice Web site. That site Rentberry give to me many good advice, I was so panic bdefore,but now a know little what I need to do.thank u a lot

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