How to Make the Most Out of Your Rental Kitchen

While on the move, you often come across rental kitchens that are not styled to your heart’s desire. This may be a result of your landlord trying to save a few bucks, the previous tenant leaving the kitchen in bad condition, the rental being old or the place having old fixtures and appliances among others.

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Smart Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bill This Winter

If you’re living in regions that experience extreme temperature shifts, heating expenses can be one of the most significant components of your energy bill. But you don’t have to let the winter season eat up your budget. There are inexpensive means of improving your home’s energy efficiency so that your heater doesn’t have to work too hard to keep your house warm and cozy inside….

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Relationships 101: How to Be Your Landlord’s Dream Tenant

Are you a first-time renter? Or perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past, and are wondering how to manage your future landlord-tenant relationships better. No matter why you’ve clicked on this article, you’re in luck: the following tips should get you navigating your renter-landlord relations like a seasoned expert.

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Nebraska Renter Rights Overview

Rental laws in Nebraska cannot be called too different from the other states. However, some of their statutes may surprise you if you got used to the most popular practices. We have thousands of apartments for rent in Nebraska. Looking for your next home? Apply today through Rentberry!

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Fresh Start: How to Refresh Your Rental Between Seasons

With each new season comes a feeling of change and it makes sense that your apartment, the place where you likely spend the most time, would evolve along with you. All you need is a simple refresh to reclaim your energy, eliminate disorganized corners, and welcome the new season with open arms. Keep these ideas in mind you as move into a new time of…

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Questions Your Landlord Can’t Ask You

It’s reasonable for a landlord to conduct interviews to find out if rental applicants are as squeaky clean as they are on paper. Most landlord questions you get asked will be perfectly innocent. But did you know in fact there are quite a few illegal landlord questions they can’t ask you?

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Price to Rent Ratio Explained: National Report 2019

Are you at a crossroad in life deciding whether you should buy a home or keep renting? Are you wondering what objective factors to use in order to make the most financially sound decision? Ponder no more, the answer is here.

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25 Ways Renters Can Go Green

We live in times when people tend to underestimate how fragile our environment is. Our editorial team genuinely believes that some of us just don’t know enough about going green. Today we want to tell you how to make your rental more eco-friendly. This post includes more than twenty ideas that you should try at home.

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