Ways Renters Can Go Solar and Why It’s Important to Know

There are lots of things that affect our lives in the long run. However, going solar is one of those things that you can do now and truly appreciate it later. Since humanity tends to have a bad influence on our Mother Earth, we should take advantage of all the possible options to save it. Earth Hour is great, but what else is out there?

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Where Should You Live – The City or The Suburbs?

Life in the city or the suburbs can be entirely different from one another, so the place you choose to call home should reflect the lifestyle you plan to live. Here are some points to help you determine if you want to plant your roots somewhere suburban or settle in as a city slicker.

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Best Places to Rent Near Dallas

Being one of the largest cities of Texas, Dallas gives you a very similar feel to Austin, San Antonio and Houston. We want you to understand whether Dallas suburbs can be considered as a good fit for you and your family. That’s why today we’ll be your guide to the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex area.

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Things You Need to Buy for Your First Apartment

When you move to your first rental apartment, it may seem a bit scary due to all the madness with these boxes. However, when you’ve already unpacked everything, you tend to feel the need to explore your new place and find the ways to make it feel like home. In order to do that, you need to understand what are the apartment essentials that you…

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How to Baby-Proof an Apartment After You Move in

When you have kids, you’ve got to pay more attention to safety and security measures in your apartment. Now you have a little person walking around and trying to pull everything down, touch everything and climb onto every chair and box.

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Tenant Rights in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state with lots of rental rights and obligations established. It may seem hard to navigate through the key sections of their rental law handbook, but we’ll highlight everything you may need to know as a tenant occupying a rental space in the Bay State.

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15 Tips for Apartment Hunting with Significant Other

Apartment hunting is always a long quest that requires a serious approach. When you have your life partner supporting you all the way throughout this search, it’s much easier. However, there are some typical mistakes that couples do and we want you to avoid them.

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15 Things Everyone Forgets When Moving to a New Apartment

We’ve already reviewed lots of tips that should help you move: here and here. Now it’s time to focus on the things that we all keep forgetting while moving to the new place. We gathered the info among those who recently had to move and compiled a list that should help you make your moving experience quick and painless.

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